It was my syndrome what done it — 13 Comments

  1. Heh! I herad fucking voices all the time, noises pops squeals etc. Its called Tinnitus and its a real c–t.

  2. How’s about these langers go away and do a study on why folks spend months doing worthless “studies” 😉
    I can imagine archaeologists in two thousand years digging up the remnants of these and thinking was it any wonder we went extinct…..

  3. I have always heard voices and always at the same time, around nine in the evening. The voices always say the same thing;


  4. I’ve been hearing voices a lot lately, they keep saying “get the f_ _ _ out of America, the ship is sinking!”  I’d come to Ireland but I know you don’t want me there either, shit!

  5. The only voice I ever hear (and ignore) is ‘erself telling me to either shape up or fuck off. God bless ‘er.

  6. Will be in Denver this weekend. Liverpool v Everton on in the pub there 5.30 am. (Denver 2 hrs behind us)  Flying Friday the 13th God help me. So will be boozing all day. Party on the night time too. I am too old for this shit. So you assholes amuse yourselves for the next couple of days. You will just have to argue with Patrick. 

  7. In a recent peer reviewed study, just published, experts examined a cross section of society visiting a web site.  All the respondents heard voices or other strange noises which produces the startling result that either they are all insane, or else they are perfectly normal individuals, who happen to hear noises. 

    I mean, what do they think our fucking ears are for?

  8. While we know who commissioned & compiled this report, we have not been informed of who it’s sponsors were, my guess is it was sponsored very generously by one or several drug companies, you know the caring ones, who really care about our young peoples health & well being, it being purely coincidental that they manufacture drugs that claim to treat non-psychotic psychiatric disorders such as depression, ADD, ADHD, OCD & whatever the fuck else there is. Get them diagnosed & labelled young, get them hooked on the medication at an early age & you have a customer for life.

    Either that or it’s the fucking EU that’s behind it, seeking to have over half the population declared unfit to vote before they even start school, anyone who spaeks out against them can then be carted away and sectioned; some might say that’s delusional & maybe it is but I’ve been hearing voices for many years.  

  9. When I have done some gardening on a warm summer’s day I generally hear a little voice in my head telling me to go down to the local and order a pint shandy, with wonderful red lemonade. Whether this voice is real or imaginary, I am grateful for its sensible message.

    I have to agree with a commenter that lots of ‘new studies’ are contradictory and useless – and based on vague scientific research criteria. Reports sent to newspaper and radio offices serve as paragraph fodder for lazy journos who don’t want to get out and interview the plain people about their daily concerns.

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