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  1. There have been many times I have read a post here and thought to myself, “He believes the same as I do!” and I’m a far-right Libertarian.  I know the definition of Conservative is different here than in Europe but here you would definitely be considered a conservative.  The most important bit is that you believe in a limited government.  That is the most important part.  A liberal here is one who wants a large nanny state to regulate you cradle to grave.

  2. Ooo, I do like a bit of liberal leaning, they’re all bent anyway – all parties of all persuasions and in every meaning of the word bent.

  3. Brianf – A limited government?  If I had my way, there would be about ten of ’em up there in Government Buildings doing the bare essentials.  The rest of ’em can fuck off onto the dole queue.  If I am a conservative, does that mean I have to admire the works of Maggie Thatcher?

    Patrick – I thought Jeremy Thorpe was the only bent liberal?

  4. Liebour left wing thats a joke I remember in the UK before Blair came to power I had been for my sins a Liebour supporter a few months after he took office I could see they were just interested in lining their own pockets.                                    I think the Irish Liebour Party is just the same how can they support this property tax to pay off the banksters. But they do give them a ministers car and a bit of power and they will agree to anything.                                                                  I mean ye got rid of FF to be replaces by another FF party nothing has changed,promises made have been broken they have enslaved the country to the IMF sold out to the EU. What is the point for voting for any of them.                              What we need is a common sense party and government to get their noses out of peoples lives.  

  5. Take the Irish/British political spectrum and give it a kick to the right. You will get the American one. Hitler would be considered center here. Obama, who is well to the right of Thatcher, is called a socialist by these Republican brainwashed dumbfuck cunts.

  6. One of the main things that is confusing me is that in the Good Old Days you had political parties who knew their place.  Now they all seem to believe in the one thing [lining their own pockets and grabbing as much power as possible] so there is no difference between any of them.  Oh for the good old days of Heath and Wilson in the UK or Lynch and Garret the Good over here.

  7. Ian – Are you suggesting I should be building a bunker?  Not a bad idea actually……  😐

  8. Ger – A nonpractising anarchist?  That would be like a smoker sticking a white pencil in his gob.

  9. Politics is full of acronyms – don’t see why we can’t have the COB fish for votes too.

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