Do bans cause heavier smoking? — 10 Comments

  1. Great!  I seem to have fixed that thing that stopped short replies.

    Judging by the above, I had better unfix it again…….

  2. There would be no smoking or smoking breaks in Montrose now GD. In fact you would’nt even be able to afford the smokes if you were still there with all the cut backs.

  3. Slab – If I were still working in RTE I would have left ages ago.  Place has gone to the dogs.

    JOSman – A non-smoker huh?  Tough fucking shit!  It’s lovely and warm in here amongst the smokers.  😈

  4. Banning things is a way to get Irish people to act in the opposite way. So if they banned the speaking of Irish half the population would be trying their cupla focal right away. If they read a Na Caitear Tabac sign – beidh siad go leir ag caitheamh tabac agus ag baint taithneamh mor as!

    Keep puffing and may you live to see Enda in a retirement home. Preferably one of those dodgy ones they don’t inspect too stringently.

  5. Ger, that might be a point but, if we had been told there was a ban on paying the property tax, would we have paid it? Don’t think so.

  6. I have to agree with Ger here.  The property tax is a brand new thing, and introducing something in order to ban it just won’t work.  However the idea of banning something that has been around for generations does seem to fire people up.  It is a fact that the numbers smoking in Ireland has seen a significant increase since the ban was introduced.

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