Disinfecting your balls — 10 Comments

  1. Now you got me going grandad I remember the big tins of Jacobs biscuit the shop keeper would stick his hand in grab a few put them on the scales then into a brown paper bag. The a few slices of ham onto the slicer back on same scales what joy. How many H&S regulations would he have broken today. I dont think I saw a yellow vest even on the railway in the UK till the late 70s. Today even someone muppet coming to your door with leaflets has to wear one. 

  2. Indeed, the world has truly gone mad on ‘elf and safety.
    You now need safety shoes, hard hats, safety glasses and yellow/orange bibs just to go walking around a construction site.

  3. Peacock – Elf and Safety should be sent back to the fifties, sixties and seventies to see how we lived then.  They would freak out at the complete lack of warnings, signs and instructions.  We were intelligent then, and knew how to look after ourselves.

    Mossy – A very simple question….. Anyone entering a building site [not a building, just a site] has to wear a hard hat.  Why?  What the fuck is supposed to fall?  The sky?

  4. I came across a new one yesterday. I had to produce I.D. to prove I was old enough to buy a pack of ciggy lighters at the Kroger supermarket. i shouted the manager to ask him if he wanted me to take my fucking shoes off as well and feel my dick. Can’t go back there now.

  5. Elf and safety never stopped a chippy hitting his thumb with the hammer nor the sparky getting a 240 volt bite.

    The bright orange bib will make it easeir to see the unlucky site worker that falls from the fifth floor (Youtube video), unfortunately his hard hat would have come off during the fall rendering it fucking useless.

    As for golf, there are so many double entendres that I refuse to even
    mention one in this post. (don’t lick yer balls), sorry.

  6. tt – I think I mentioned it before but I had to produce a passport for a grocery delivery a while ago, as it contained cigarettes.  The delivery bloke was younger than my daughter.  He was new, and foreign otherwise I would have told him to fuck off.  Only following orders!!

    Patrick – Ahhhhh!!  You’re right.  This HiViz [or whateverthefuckyoucallthem] jackets are for the sake of YouTube videos.

    Now THAT makes sense.

  7. I did notice that.  But you must realise that cigarette lighters are much more deadly than cigarettes?

  8. And I suppose he had a contraption called an “arsenal” for cleaning the clubs too, and er ….. expanding the business later.

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