Adventures with a rodent — 10 Comments

  1. Because they are fucking useless.  They keep running away and I couldn’t be bothered chasing them.  My last one is still hiding out somewhere in the kitchen cupboards.

  2. Try installing a new motherboard as I just did and finding the jumper connections, tore my wig out for two fucking days. On a lighter note, when I get a set of instructions like that they are normally in a foreign language and I have hours of fun using google translate just to find out how to plug something in in Japanese.

  3. GD, that’s one evil looking mouse, look at the eyes…but..ekkkk…. there’s a ruddy spider under ur desk, with flippin big long legs…

  4. Pete – Are you serious?  It matters which wire goes where?  Damn!  That explains a lot……..

    Jan m – That’s our Boris.  I have trained him to keep Herself under control.

  5. Instructions can be long and complicated, so I suppose they began with a Foreword entitled How to read the Instructions.

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