Adventures with a rodent — 10 Comments

  1. Why didn’t you buy one of those grey, furry ones and plug it in to the USB port?

  2. Because they are fucking useless.  They keep running away and I couldn’t be bothered chasing them.  My last one is still hiding out somewhere in the kitchen cupboards.

  3. Try installing a new motherboard as I just did and finding the jumper connections, tore my wig out for two fucking days. On a lighter note, when I get a set of instructions like that they are normally in a foreign language and I have hours of fun using google translate just to find out how to plug something in in Japanese.

  4. GD, that’s one evil looking mouse, look at the eyes…but..ekkkk…. there’s a ruddy spider under ur desk, with flippin big long legs…

  5. Pete – Are you serious?  It matters which wire goes where?  Damn!  That explains a lot……..

    Jan m – That’s our Boris.  I have trained him to keep Herself under control.

  6. Instructions can be long and complicated, so I suppose they began with a Foreword entitled How to read the Instructions.

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