Earth Hour — 16 Comments

  1. Heh! Wind power, eh? I’ve expended more energy expelling wind power through my hole.

  2. Maybe that’s the answer?  By the time the treehuggers convert us all to a diet of tofu and lentils we can power the country either by wind power or methane powered generating stations?

  3. Fuck the tree hugging loonatics .. switching everything on that I can, needed or not  :))

  4. …………….. stop the world, I wanna get off!  To paraphrase the great Jim Royle: “Earth hour, my arse!”

  5. It’s symbolic to draw attention to the problem. In spite of the ridicule of selfish cunts who would rather see the planet die; as long as it happens after their deaths and doesn’t cost them anything. You arseholes don’t fool me.

  6. tt – I don’t need to be made aware of this “problem”.  I am reminded every time I pay a fucking stupid “carbon tax” on my petrol or central heating oil.  My grandchildren shall inherit the world I leave behind and my conscience is completely clear.  The world they inherit shall continue to warm up and cool down as it has consistently done since an atmosphere was first formed.  

  7. I’ve decided to switch off the TV.
    …………. “Britain’s Got Talent” is on

  8. Every one take a break,listen to a song like the Decemberist 16 military wives,or The King is Dead .

  9. damn gd i am 56,i  don’t care what you rock too,but you surprised me.has you garden kick the bucket.

  10. I burned a ton of coal out back last night and just for tt I set alight 10 gallons of gasoline in a basin.  I did all this while cooking a few steaks on a charcoal grille.  Now all the while I had to have all the lights in the house on so I could see what I was doing.  By the way tt (terminal twat) I have read all the science.  I especially like all the “studies” coming out debunking your religion of “Global Climate Change”

  11. My facebook status last night!
    Dear Facebook user,

    Your account has been suspended because you did not comply with our terms and conditions regarding observing earth hour. We have noted that you posted two blog links and one video during earth hour. Thus your account is now suspended for 24 hours as we will have to save the electricity that you did not save.

    Dear Facebook, how does fuck right off sound, I am still here!

    PS Shove earth hour right up your arse!

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