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  1. Indeed, this is all such a pile of shite. As regards promissory notes and bonds, I was thinking the exact same thing last night when I was watching Vincent Browne. That West Meath FG TD they had on (can’t think of his name) sounded like he was on speed. By Jesus he couldn’t half talk fast and apart from that he just wouldn’t shut the fuck up either, even when others were trying to say their piece. Now I know these fuckwits are hand picked to appear, this guy was obviously picked for his linguistic qualities. In otherwords, the less people that understand all this the better.
    For all we know they could be playing with Monopoly money and it wouldn’t make a fucking difference.

  2. Heh!  I watched that too.  Yer Man was the greatest fucking know-it-all mouth.  He didn’t seem to realise he was sitting next to an economist whom he kept contradicting.  Jayzus but the caliber of our political representatives leaves a lot to be desired.

  3. “Jayzus but the caliber of our political representatives leaves a lot to be desired.”

    Same could be said of a lot of countries GD.

    If I was at home I would send in a post dated cheque. Post dated to 2020 🙂

  4. Bill – I would assume the same or similar rules apply here.though the Euro note makes no such promise [horrible fucking design!].  I wonder if I could make a post dated payment on line?  Heh!

  5. GD – You expect it to make sense and it does not.  The politicians and the bankers make millions and fuck the rest of us.

  6. What kills me is that we are bursting our bollox, to pay back a debt we didn’t incur, so that we can back into the markets, to borrow more money at a higher interest rate, to get even more into debt. 

    That appears to be the plan then.

    The bastards are winging it, and lying through their teeth every day. 

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