Second Hand Holidays — 11 Comments

  1. It made perfect sense to me when I scribbled it, but I concede that that doesn’t guarantee it will make sense now.

    I’m tired.

    I think I’ll take a nap.

    And dream about my upcoming holiday in France that tt is treating me to. 

    Thanks, tt. 

    That is a very generous offer.

  2. I’m alarmed that you are not taking holiday – that means Ireland will have an extra month of pipe smoke which will have a major impact on the health of the population leading to overcrowding in hospitals and a crisis in the HSE,

  3. GD, there is no positive side. The same cunts from last year have done the same this year, made it impossible for holidays for the Slab’s again.
    Then I idly think of winning the Lotto, not the whole pot, but enough for comfort and a nice holiday in the sun, maybe a new car, do up Slab Castle, dream on, etc, but that won’t happen. Shit, back to reality. Staycation’s on the cards again.

  4. Ian – But think of my vast contributions I will be donating to the health budget through my tobacco excise duties?

    Slab – Take it from one who knows…. money does not bring happiness.  I would urge you that if by some unfortunate chance you happen to win the lottery, that you pass all that life destroying money over to me.  I promise you will thank me for it.

  5. Then you will be able to afford your holiday. I must say; every time I watch M.Hulot’s Vacation, which I do from time to time, I imagine yourself in France.

  6. Great article and I really enjoyed your thought chain. I would just like to add that maybe the self-righteous can take a permanent holiday to another solar system.

  7. tt – “Most miserable bastard pissing and moaning commenters”  Are you nominating yourself?

    Pete – I am very glad you enjoyed the article.  Could you please tell me what it was about?  Even I am confused at this stage.

  8. Ya right, there nothing like looking at other peoples holiday photos to make you rush out and book to go there as well

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