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  1. The Trojan Troika and the IMF are already in here ‘monitoring’ our affairs so we don’t need a treaty to do that. Maybe we will when/if the economy begins to show signs of recovery…………. but no our EU Masters won’t want that to happen eh?

  2. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in life is that there’s ALWAYS an alternative solution. I’m also wondering if Enda & Co. are even realising that they’re not just commiting treason in the eyes of most Irish people, but they’re also commiting political suicide.

  3. Not Green – By moving the “Troika” [Fuck! I hate that word] in they have created a precedent.  It is now only a short step for them to make it permanent.  The “Troika” are being hailed as our saviours when all they have done is to impose conditions on us [including the household charge] to save their precious fucking Euro.

    Lickyalips – Yup.  Infected with the Black Death.

    InisEanna – I honestly don’t think they are committing political suicide, simply because they know damn well that there is no alternative.  If we eliminate Fianna Fail, the Greens, Fine Gael and Labour who have we left?  Sinn Fein and a few independents?  You can’t make a government out of that.  We’re fucked, politically.

  4. Just say no and if the majority say yes; well you get the government you deserve. Seems like you are blaming the government rather than the electorate.

  5. tt – That used to be true but not any more.  I used to be astounded at the ignorance of people who voted for Fianna Fail but things have changed.  Once the biggest party, Fianna Fail are now seen [rightly] as the archtects of our collapse.  On top of that they have been proved to be probably the most corrupt party in the history of the state.  Fine Gael and Labour have since broken just about every single election promise made, and have proved themselves to be fanatical pro-Europeans who put the interests of Europe before the interests of the Irish people.  The electorate are now hamstrung. They have been whipped, lied to, browbeaten and bullied into submission.  Yes, I do blame the government. 

  6. If we all say no, we’ll get a second chance to say yes. Bloody great, where else in the World do ya get the chance to vote a few times on the same issue. Thats Democracy, it is, is’nt it? maybe.

  7. Dame Enda has stated quite firmly, categorically and definitely that there will be NO second referendum.  Naturally that means there will be one.  Lying little turd.

  8. Oh, Oh! brill! great Heh! heh! Wonder which way I’ll vote, no, maybe yes or no or a yes. No, it’ll be yes, no, yes, no…………can’t wait.

  9. there will be no money to pay the nurses and the guards.
    what they mean is we wont have the money to pay TD’s 100,000 plus expenses or to pay for 800 Quangos, or god knows well over 1000 councillors.
    they will do or say anything to keep the same shite statos quo, and carry on the same as the last lot.
     A golden opportunity to make a proper fresh start was lost. so if its the independents and the shinners turn next then so be it.    

  10. The Sham – You forgot Bertie’s Pension!  We mustn’t forget Bertie’s Pension.  And also our Minister for Sickness, Fatso Reilly and his top of the range coffee machines?

  11. I don’t think it will make much difference which way the vote goes.  Real money will have to go into the ESM and ESFS before the year is out and everybody in Europe is broke.  This mess is going to crash and burn which will hurry along our own disaster in the US.

  12. Oldspook – I heard tonight that apparently all our government bullshit about growth in the economy is just that – bullshit.  We are still in recession, with unemployment rising and house prices still falling.  Ireland is heading for bankruptcy anyway.  It just a matter of who goes first – Ireland or the EU.

  13. Hey! That’s brilliant!!  Hes is obviously going to repeal that damned smoking law…….

  14. I will despair if the Irish people vote for slavery, vote to pay off the bankers, vote to be taxed to the hilt. Look at Iceland they told their corrupt government to get stuffed and refused to pay off the banksters. Just look back at the last referendum and all the lies ye were told about jobs ect. Just look at what these Liebour gobshites said when in opposition and what they are saying now.

  15. One thing is certain about our national future.
    There are great times coming but many of us won’t live long enough to see them.

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