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  1. But does it have more lights on the front than an oil rig at night? If it doesn’t then you have bought the wrong model as that surely is it’s primary purpose.

  2. I had one of those until recently, the hose clips are bastards. I found a good quantity of collar stiffeners inside, but sadly no coinage. Your description is perfect. 

  3. ‘Himself’ has just been through this with our machine.  Apparently we have two filters, the main one behind the front flap (he kicked it off as well, it’s wedged back with a bit of clothespeg now) and a sneaky one cunningly placed, like yours, in the back pipe.
    Language coming out of the utility room was ‘interesting’ – particularly when he discovered it was the element that had gone!!!!
    Still I now have the cleanest filters the engineer had ever seen…….thank goodness for 2yr warranties.  

  4. Orrrrrrrrrrr you could put a litre of white vinegar through the machine every three months. Run the empty machine on 90 or whatever its highest temperature is. Cleans the pipes as well.

  5. Mossy – Some one should tell Hotpoint all right.  They could do with a few pointers in the design department.

    Monty – Now that you mention it, it is fairly impressive with strips of lights everywhere.  Half the problem though is getting them to stay lit, as if the programme doesn’t suit a particular button, it just flashes for a while and then goes dark again.  Half the day is spent trying to find which programme suits the button I want to use.

    Tim – All my scribbles are born of [very] bitter experiences.

    Meltemian – Himself has my deepest sympathies. Even more so that he had two filters to contend with.  Maybe I missed one in my machine?  Damn!

    Brianf – Maybe the Hotpoint designer used to work for Kenmore [or vice versa]?

    William – Jayzus the smell!!  Are you serious?  I suppose i could bung in a can of Coca Cola [but that would probably corrode the shit out of the machine]?

    Damn!  Now I’m going to be imagining the smell of vinegar all evening….  That means I’ll have to go get some chips.

  6. Hotpoint, eh? Their products are either jinxed OR their designers just do this for a good giggle. Personally I’d go with the second, since our Hotpoint fridge-freezer gives me high blood pressure every six weeks when I have to defrost it if I want the freezer door to close. I spent two hours last week defrosting it by attacking it with the wife’s hair dryer and an ice cream scoop. I wouldn’t mind but it’s always been turned down to the lowest level, yet it still ends up looking like northern Siberia in no time.

  7. Hotpoint, shite. Had one fucked it out. You should have got a Bendix. Mrs. Slab swears by it. The second one in 25 years.
    We have them spoilt. What’s wrong with the rock by the river. They never break down, last for ever and don’t need electricity.

    On the previous subject, GD, your right. It is apparently illegal to speak out against The EU.
    Under The 1999 ruling of the European Court Of Justice (case 274/99), it is illegal to criticize the EU.
    Fuck the rotten, non democratic, 4th Reich, money grabbing, Empire of Evil EU.

    Oh! Shit, what have I done? Can you hear them? Are them coming to get me?
    I’m so fucking worried!

  8. If any man on here has ever used a washing machine, I’ll  eat my new Jimmy Choo shoes…. FGS you men need a degree in aerodynamics and an airbag to go near a washing machine, (plus safety harness).

  9. *sigh*  Now they come out of the woodwork to tell me Hotpoint is no good.  A bit late lads.

    Jan M – How would you like your Jimmy Choo shoes cooked?  I have used that infernal washing machine many times when Herself had left me was on holiday.  And could you please post a photograph of yourself enjoying your culinary efforts?

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