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  1. Irish councillors are paid a salary as well as expenses, UK counterparts are not. Don’t know about the rest of the foeign interloopers.

  2. So if they want equality with other countries, maybe that’s a good place to start?  heh!

  3. Queensland booted out the liars in their midst last week. The 80% who haven’t paid are of a similar mind. Good to see the worms turning….
    With that said I’ll guarantee that the people turning the lights out will be British.

  4. the government should take notice, FF got burned at the last election, and this protest is to let them know they could be next.
    Let them start with the Quangos and the expences, if they showed they were serious more people might pay.

  5. We still are allowed free speech in Ireland TT.
    Our Gubmint is only sucking up to their EU Masters at the expense of the country.
    The Debt is not ours. It is the debt of the Gamblers (Bankers, Developers, Speculators, Financial Traitors and Bastards)

  6. Without personal debt-forgiveness there will be a large section of society who will feel betrayed by the State, who will have no incentive to participate in the State and who will have no economic future in the State. This may lead to a level of social disunity that Western Europe has not witnessed since the late 1920s. The acts of the Fianna Fail/Green coalition and now the Fine Gael/Labour coalition are nothing more than a betrayal of the ordinary citizen and the consequences could be terrible.
    Gary Fitzgerald on how and why the public interest has been hijacked.

    Gary has it all, need I say more.

  7. Re Not Green,
    “Irish councillors are paid a salary as well as expenses, UK counterparts are not. Don’t know about the rest of the foeign interloopers.”

    You obviously don’t get out much,  all these gobsh**ts, whatever domination, of whatever country  are paid a very handsome salary and very handsome perks…oppps mean expenses?, courtesy of us, taxpayers giving our money to the bl**dy EU.  Do wonder if Cameroons dinner’s are paid by us?, probably.

    GD I hope to God your given another referendum,  and please don’t vote Yes this time, might give us in the UK a referendum.

    FGS we’re starving our old people to give taxes and fines….. to the EU leeches.

    Sorry GD, just sick to death  of this creepy Euro crap, and having a bl**dy totally government and Europhile PM here.

  8. Not Green – The local councils are every bit as bad as central government when it comes to reckless spending and wastage.  I can easily cite cases of traffic lights being erected [and maintained] in an area where there was no demand [just the opposite] and where there has never been an accident.  A small example but an expensive one.  Or how about a road being widened to facilitate one private entrance?  Small beans but they add up at a frightening rate.

    Bill – The problem that we now have in this country is that we can’t replace the government as there is no one left.  Fianna Fail got us into this appalling with their corruption and a policy of turning a blind eye.  The Greens are fucking useless [and are now dead in the water anyway].  Fine Gael and Labour are proving to all and sundry that they are nothing more than EU puppets.  Who is left?  Sinn Fein?  God help us!

    tt – They have announced that no one will go to jail for failure to pay the charges.  They know damn well that there would be riots, not to mention not having enough jail space for 80% of the population!  Heh!

    The Sham – They can also damn well remove all pensions paid to corrupt politicians.  

    Slab – Actually you are wrong.  As far as I am aware, the EU have made it an offence to speak out against them.  I stand open to correction though.  Or arrest.  Whichever comes first.

    Jan M – We are indeed having another referendum, but I know that we are going to be swamped with the usual lies and threats, and will ultimately be bullied into voting yes.  No apologies please, and “bloody” is spelled without asterisks.  😉


  9. The truth is there is a new bunch of crooks in office but nothing has changed. I dont understand how these Liebour gobshites are going along with this property tax. Every word the utter is lies this money is going straight to Goldman Sucks and their cronies. The main problem is these politicians are ‘over staffed’ and ‘over paid’ they care nothing whats happening to the country as long as they fill their pockets. Look at how quick they are to criminalize anyone that wont pay their tax but do nothing to the crooks who caused all this. The lesson from the UK was voting any of the 3 mail parties changes nothing Ireland is learning that lesson now.

  10. Awww! I was looking forward to posts from Ireland’s most cantankerous auld lag. ‘and the auld triangle…..”

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