Insanity — 14 Comments

  1. That’s it then, I’m not getting up until Monday afternoon!
    After all you can’t be too careful. 
    (Any excuse for a lie-in)  

  2. Well now I’m glad I used the extra hour this morning to have conjugal relations with the oh………. just in case!

  3. Meltemian – It’s better to be safe than sorry.  There are so many dangers out there…..

    Not Green – Some people have a cigarette afterwards, but you comment on websites?  The shrinks would have a field-day with that one.

  4. Wait til the Irish Cancerous Society get their eyes on that Medical report. They’ll be banging on Oompa Loompa Reilly’s office door looking for new legislation.

  5. GD, you can go anytime. As you know, I have been constructing an Interstellar Rocket. You can be the first Astronut.
    Where it’ll go though is anyones guess.

  6. GD; was that yourself I just heard on Niall Boylan’s Late Show on 4FM? Only he sounded a lot like you and besides, he was the first person on the phone tonight that could talk sense. Oh yeah – and he didn’t half F and Blind, which is just your style 😉

  7. Slab – I don’t give a flying fuck where it hoes so long as it doesn’t go here.

    InisEanna – I just looked at their web site thing and there is no way to play back their show.  As I didn’t hear it live, I have no way of knowing if that was me or not.  What did I sound like?

  8. “What did I sound like?”
    A bit like Ireland’s most cantankerous auld fella…..naturally!! Heh, heh.

  9. Must’ve been me so. Strange, I don’t remember it..  But then the memory isn’t what it used to be.

  10. Well I’m perfectly safe – they have the good sense not to touch the clocks here in Tunisia.

  11. Grandad, I doubt that your information on the handgun drawing is correct.  I believe that would have been a big news story in Canada and I have never heard of it before.  The strip search part is a tip off.  Someone is pulling your leg, but there are people in this county who are so set against firearms that they would want the police to do such a thing but I trust that the police are not so stupid.  If I drew a picture of you shooting me are you going to get charged with murder??  I’ll draw a picture of you with a pint and its on me!

  12. Lawrence – Sure amn’t I only passing on what’s said on that site?  Granted I take most stuff I read with a pinch of salt but shooting the messenger isn’t going to change things.  😉

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