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  1. What all that for €100! next letter will say we made a clerical error it should be €1000. None of this going to the IMF or EU or paying the banksters bonus or Sean ‘gobshite’ Fitzpatricks €1 million pension I see.

  2. Peacock – Of course it is.  Indirectly.  The reason we are being asked mugged for cash is because the cash that normally goes to fund the above services is being sent off to the gangsters you mention.

  3. i’d laugh at all of it but i’m afraid it would go looney and i’d be locked away, gov’t being like that here too, latest foofery is licensing cats, CATS ffs! mine are indoor and i am NOT paying it.

  4. Mossy – It’s about as stealthy as a jumbo jet.

    Cat – I’m in two minds about deleting your comment as it could give our lot ideas.  There again, I don’t have any cats so I’ll leave it.

  5. I already pay commercial rates, water and sewage charges on an office building I use sometimes. They told me many moons ago that rates were needed to pay for street cleaning and lighting amongst others. So now we pay twice? How come they did not tell us the real reason Local Authorities need money- for the past few years we have been paying salaries and severance pay to local town and county councillors and we can’t afford to. Let them make a gesture and reverse that decision to see how much the shortfall will be! QED

  6. Mossy – I read that last night.  Manuel is not a happy bunny!

    Not Green – I would be more sympathetic if the councils at least did a decent job.  In our village all they have done is spend large sums on projects we didn’t want and then claim there is no cash for the projects we do want.  Apart from water, I get absolutely nothing from the council, and they are planning to tax that separately anyway.

  7. Brianf – I suppose it is a little more politically correct than our cry – “Shove it up you hole”?  Not as much fun to shout though?

  8. I got the same Love Card, GD and as I read it I concluded the same as yerself.
    I too live in a rural area, albeit still in Co. D and I don’t benefit from any of the Councils ‘Activities'(gobsihite leaning on shovels as another fills a pothole with tarmac as the truck driver drives over it to flatten it, Duh!).
    A light bulb was replaced once in fourteen years on the road, oh! but that was probably The ESB (Electricity Cunts Ireland). I hope they’re not reading this, ‘cos they’ll want service charges too.
    I believe there are now over 300,000 sheeple who have paid to date, hope the rest have some fucking sense. I don’t, but then I don’t have the money either.
    So Gubmint can fuck off. They can’t get blood out of a stone.

  9. We already pay a maintenance charge for our estate, so why on earth should we pay a property tax considering all the stuff it goes to pay for is already paid for by our management company…

  10. Try looking deeper into the rabbit hole! It has been established here in the land of the slaves, the UK, that at least 50% of our council tax goes towards the pensions of those petty bureaucratic cunts at the council. They also tried to lump in the water charges, they were collecting on behalh of Scottish Water a PLC. They were told to fuck right off with that one by my badself too. I have no contract with Scottish water so they can piss off. Who owns the fucking clouds and lochs?

  11. I had a look at the Late Late tonight as they were having a “discussion” on the topic.  They had some junior arselick from the gubmint and Ming Flanagan.  Ming wiped the floor with the eejit.  I have heard one sided clapping before when an audience sided with one protagonist, but Ming was raising cheers.  Things not looking too good for the Property Tax?!

  12. Heh!  Wasn’t Ming in on that one as well?  I know he’s kicking up hell about the EU laying down laws about our bogs.

  13. Not paying stupid taxes could be the ‘in thing’. I see another country is refusing to pay the EU carbon tax of flights into the EU first it was China now India is refusing to pay.

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