Brown envelopes and back pockets — 16 Comments

  1. 300 million? Fuck me! That is truly disgusting. On the bright side you may get to share a cell with him. (GDs Last stand)

  2. Watch out for Part 2 of Bertie Ahern’s biography, co-authoured by little Cecilia: “P.S., I Owe You”
    Big time, I should think

  3. tt – That is just the current figure.  Apparently there are load of expense claims yet to come in and some are saying the final cost could be half a billion.  And I woud love to share a cell with Bertie.  The little shit wouldn’t know what hit him.

    InisEanna – There really is an excellent argument for terminating that entire family [for services to politics and literature]

  4. Let’s not forget “Pee Wee” Flynn, eh?! Jail is too good for those CUNTS (a very apt word in this case). I’d prefer dishing out the old “concrete slippers in the canal” treatment.

  5. InnisEanna – I hooked into the RTE site today where hey are running a live news yoke.  In the course of that they showed Flynn in the infamous Late Late piece which effectively caused the tribunal.  He really was a revolting character [and his daughter is no better].  It just baffles me how people can actually vote for their ilk.

  6. Gimme The AK47, GD. I want to start the cull. Its got to be open season on Financial Traitors, Corrupt Politicians and Thieving Bankers.
    Its time to cut out the rot, ‘cos no Court of Tribunal in this land are going to do anything to make a difference.

  7. Slab – We always knew they were a corrupt shower of bastards. but when you see it all laid out in print… to be honest, I don’t think I have enough ammo.  Time to resort to piano wire and lampposts?

  8. I just HAD to tell you about what my missus suggested. Out of the blue she just blurted out that the country could have saved 99 percent of the Mahon Tribunal costs if they hired Judge Judy. Jeeezuz, just imagine it!!!!
    Bertie: “B-b-bu-bu-bu-bu-but ye-ye-ye-ye-yer honour, oy swear I-I-I-I-I-I-I-……..
    Judge Judy: “DON’T GIVE ME THAT BOLONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  9. However, lessons will be learned and we will ensure that this type of thing cannot happen in the future.
    The above will feature somewhere in the outcome.

  10. InisEanna – That would have been a bit of a class act all right.  What he really needed was some old biddy yelling at him like he is a five year old.

    Slab – Send the lot of them off on a luxury cruise.  And then sink the fucking ship.

    Patrick – The above has featured quite a few times in interviews this evening.  And Fianna Fail are “considering” expelling Bertie.  Big fucking wow!

  11. Thanks for the link Mossy, now another reason to tell them where to stick their property tax.

  12. Excellent article, Mossy.  It should be printed off and stuck on every billboard in the country.

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