Poetic Justice — 11 Comments

  1. The Doberman Pinscher is the lad for the house thief. A friend had two of them and when he returned from a weekend one time, there was a guy hiding behind his television. He’d been there for 36 hours by then. Apparently, a Doberman will let you in, but goes apeshit if you then attempt to leave. The dogs took it turns to watch yer man while the other slept. Like your fella Grandad, this unlucky bloke had a chewed ankle because of the one time he tried to get out from behind the TV. And, of course, the Gards wouldn’t arrest him until the dogs were locked up. I love it. !

  2. Brilliant!  I have always maintained that the best anti-burglar device of the lot is a good dog.  We once had a dog who had a habit of grinning when pleased.  His was a complete idiot and loved everybody, so any time he met a stranger he would grin at them, showing all his teeth.  Everyone, without exception was terrified of him!

  3. Having any sort of dog seems to work here.  Most Greeks are terrified of dogs, even my Gracie who loves everyone, has a busted hip and a wonky front leg, frightens them.  Mind you a Doberman would be impressive!

  4. I had to laugh my arse off at the irony of that when I saw it on the news. Not that I’m advocating the career choice of burglary, but there is a hint of poetic justice there all right.
    GD: Your story about the grinning dog reminds of an Irish Wolfhound my late Uncle had in England years ago. They had a break in one night and the crafty bastard made sure the dog was pacified by throwing him a steak that was in the fridge.

  5. Well I blame the Government………. they’re setting the people a bad example, what do you expect? Here’s Hulk Hogan wanting to come into your and my house and take €100 out of our pockets. Same difference!

  6. Meltemian – Setting aside all problems [like the size of my house] my dog of preference would be an Irish Wolfhound.  Lovely placid creatures but big enough to scare the shite out of any intruder.

    InisEanna – The horrible thing is that some would-be burglars bring along poisoned steak for the dogs.  I honestly would kill anyone who tried that on our Sandy and wouldn’t bother about the consequences.

    Not Green – Hence the title of the post!  😉

  7. The amazing thing was, the place was crawling with cops, armed cops, Forensics Cops, CSI Cops, Cop Photographic flashes illuminating the rooms, Top Cops, The Garda Crack Gardening Squad, Cops on Horses, Cops in Cars, Cops on Bikes, Cops in a Helicopter, Cop Dogs, and not a fucking body in sight, no where.
    Where were the fuckers when that young Traveller girl (16 years old) had her brains blown out in West Tallaght?
    Its the old bloody story. One set of laws and rules for the Lords, another for The Serfs.

  8. One wonders, If Shatter (Shitter) had been home, would he have shot the scummer. That would have been very interesting.

  9. I saw the picture of the plod standing outside the house like this is what they do to every house broken into. They are as big  a waste of space as the lot in the UK. A little off topic but I was interested to see they are all ready gearing up take any slave who refused to pay the ‘property tax’ to court. Like steal millions put the country in debt for the next 20 years through thieving no court case.   Not Green I think the €100 is the first year after that it will be €800.

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