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  1. i regularly have this type of coversation with my other, in fact this very morning sometimes it’s me sometimes it’s him, all works out in the end

  2. Cat – The easiest way to get out of a circular conversation is to bluff.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t  Heh!  All part of the rich tapestry etc etc……

  3. Its great, the bluff, the bullshit, the disinformation, feeding the subject along. I can get a whole night’s entertainment out of Mrs. Slab with this one.

  4. This is an almost daily occurance for me as well. My own “Herself” excels particularly well at doing it when I’m in the same room as her but am otherwise detained – meaning I’m at the desktop messing about while listening to the iTunes player with the headphones on (of course).
    Firstly out of the corner of my eye I see her waving over at me to get my attention. Naturally I try my best to let on I haven’t seen her. After her fourth or fifth attempt at hand signalling she goes for the tried and trusted method – the airborne slipper; by which time i’ve no choice but to take the heaphones off and see what’s up…….
    Myself: What’s up?
    Herself: I was just wondering, what about tomorrow?
    Myself: What do you mean, “what about tomorrow?” I don’t know what the f**k you’re on about!!
    Herself: I was just wondering what we could have for the dinner, that’s all!
    Myself (sarcastically): Ahhhh!!! I see!!! Hang on there a minute til I check the Menu, OK?!
    I wouldn’t mind, but I don’t very often get to choose what’s eaten, so I don’t know why I’m even asked!

  5. When disturbed from your dozing, the best thing is to say: let me light the ole pipe and bring the memory back. Then you could say: Well it’s definitely not Bertie Ahern and what’s-her-name.

  6. From now on it’s a random name plucked from the ether.  Additional confusion can be created by announcing that he was also in that otherr film [pick a filmy sounding name at random].  

    Either that or pretend I’m asleep.

  7. Ah, the IMDB sorts it all out for us. We have that conversation every bloody Friday night after a bottle or two of that white cider. Can’t remember a thing after the moon rises except where the fridge & the bog is.

  8. That IMDB is a great yoke.  I often astound Herself with my encyclopaedic knowledge of the lesser known films.   I had to stop pointing out the continuity errors and other goofs though, as she was getting suspicious.

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