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  1. I’m never going to grow up in fact I’m tinkering (no pun there then) with the idea of deed polling to Peter Pan, meh!.

  2. I think they look horrible but, like you, could not give a flying fuck about the name.

  3. Most muppets who would wear these shoes even if sold in Ireland never heard of the “Black & Tans” I more offended that Niki pays some Vietnamese 20p for making the shoe and sells it for £80.

  4. I am now going to buy a pair because of the name. “Come out you black and tans……..” Then we can better “run like hell away……”
    Or is it Guinness and Manns?

  5. Patrick – Another budding Michael Jackson?

    Mossy – I quite like the colour, but then I generally go for comfort so if I found a nicely fitting luminous lime green pair, I’d probably wear ’em.  As for what they’re called……  Hah!

    Peacock – It just baffles me tha there are so many small minded people out there, they they would even go so far as to voice their complaints.  I never had much respect for Nike [or any other firm that charges for “branding”] and I respect ’em even less now for apologising.

    tt – Feel free!  And a “black and tan” is also supposed to be a Guinness and beer mix. [*shudder*]  I don’t know if the choice of beer is important.  You won’t catch me ordering one anyhow.

  6. might i point out the shoe is actually black and tan in colour? its as bad here though, when i worked at environment canada i had to formally reply and then pass higher the complaint we (the department) was being racist. why? because the climate condition when water freezes clear to pavement we call it “black ice”…ow again.

  7. Oh sweet fuck!  You can’t be serious?  Someone should point out to these people that the only person who gets a dirty/racist meaning out of something is someone with a dirty/racist mind.

  8. It’s stout and brown ale. Hence Black & Tan. Manns is a very popular bottle of brown ale in England. Or it was anyways.
    Tomorow I will be in the Irish pub to watch Ireland play England. Rugby. 1pm here. Followed by the St. Pat’s celebrations. Are the pubs still closed in Ireland on St. Pat’s Day?

  9. I’ll solve the problem.  The shoes shall hence forth be known as Tan and Black.  

    There problem solved.

  10. tt – Ah!  I’m a Newcastle Brown man myself [in times of emergency].  Pubs are open as usual all day, and always have done as far as I remember.  You’re thinking of Good Friday or Christmas Day?  The two dark days on the drinking man’s calendar!

  11. JOSman – A simple and elegant solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.  A nice touch of lateral thinking.

  12. G D  if I met you in a supermarket looking for the checkout I would have to say “far queue”

  13. Our newest citizens have more than this to contend with. A blackboard menu sign spotted at a Cafe, “Sambos to order”.
    Then there’s the way Dubs use slang to get by the racist thing, calling them “Swimmers”.
    Even the Irish language has a go, “An Fear Gorm”, The Blue Man, and a few gobshites in Merka were pissed off by runners being called “Black and Tans”, Jazus.
    I think is brill. You can buy a pair and walk the bastards into the ground. Its where The Irish wanted them and they now are, so the fuck what.
    I’d love a pair of Troike Nike’s or Ollie Rhen boots, although I would bet they would cost a few Billion yoyos.

  14. Nope. I am thinking of St. Pat’s day. Used to be pubs in Ireland were closed by law. You need to get out more.

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