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  1. Buy that man a beer! …… but wait til he’s finished first.
    Seriously though; that’d make one hell of a show if he fell. Not a dry spot on the cinema floor I’d imagine. “Pizza pavement” inducing stuff

  2. Not Green – Ah!  Dear old Fred.  Another scrotum tingling daredevil and a great character.

    InisEanna – There is only one way I could be induced to climb that – a million in the bank up front and a parachute on my back.  Maybe someone with a scientific bent would like to calculate what speed he would be doing on impact?

    tt – Hah!  Brilliant!!

  3. Okay…made it. Watched it to the end but I I went to the bathroom first and covered my keyboard with a towel before viewing. Didn’t need the towel but I’m glad I emptied myself beforehand. Don’t like heights, no sir! Not one bit.

  4. Holy Shit!!!
    I made it all the way through the video but kept thinking… Who are these guys?
    Do these guys do this for meager pay or are they well paid for this lunacy?

  5. Filthy – Maybe if I turn the screen upside down it might be easier to watch?  Or securely strapped into my chair?

    Kirk M – I used to hate heights but I gradually trained myself out of it over the years.  Now I’m back to square one again.  Damn!

    Brianf – They either have no imagination of balls of Titanium.  No salary would induce me to go there.

  6. i can’t, i just can’t! my lower tummy feels like the bowels will let loose if i watch any further than the 2 min mark. if you’ll excuse me i’ll be in the corner on the solid floor taking some deep calming breaths

  7. Surely it’s not beyond the wit of man to devise a system whereby the mast comes to ground, until then, I’ll just stand at the bottom holding the ladder steady for the loons that do the climbing

  8. I watched it some time ago – my hands are actually sweating and swelling just from watching the fucking thing.

  9. Cat – Only two minutes?  He hadn’t even started then.  Watch it at least until he is climbing the rungs made of what looks like six inch nails!

    Slab – I thought nothing would scare you?  I’m disappointed.

    Jedrzej – It has been around a while all right.  It really must be the scariest thing I have ever watched.

  10. Pritty sure those guys giant planet sized balls ensure no matter what happens the tower is attached by sheer gravity to their bodys 

  11. Sorry to Dissapiont, GD. I’ve been up the pole (Main Mast on a 63m Brigantine, at sea as the thing heaved from port to starboard and back, scary).
    That was scary, but not nearly as high as that Aerial thing.
    I’ve sat in the doorway of a chopper at 1500ft, over Dublin, with just a harness to keep me from falling out, that was the dogs…
    Funny thing is, I’ve had the chance to parachute from a plane and bottled it, too scared. I’d much prefare to take my chances in the pilot abilities, assuming he was still in the cockpit.
    I scare the shite out of Mrs. Slab with my antics.

  12. How the fuck am In Denmark, I did’nt even go the the Airport. Did Ollie Rhen and the Cunts in the Troika sell us off to The Vikings?

  13. Well, crap! I couldn’t wait to show this video to the wife hoping to give her the shivers and all she said about it was “Cool!”.  And here I was sweating through the whole video, sheesh!

  14. GD I use to walk iron in my younger days, but would have given that job a maybe,was a bit more crazy then but the V.A. put me on meds now and i am o.k. now.

  15. I would gladly climb that tower just for the fun of it. I’ve seen that video many times before. Going up is a lot easier than going down…

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