Paddys Day and pattys day — 22 Comments

  1. TheChrisD – Hah!  Spot on!!

    Cat – And good health to you too.  Do Canadians use that abominable name?


    NO. Paddy’s Day is not acceptable either. It’s the type of denigrating shite that the Brits come out with without second. Have some self-respect. Today is St. Patrick’s Day.


    • Paddy's Day is perfectly acceptable and in widespread use in Ireland as an informal name for St. Patrick's Day. The use of the word Paddy is only denigrating if the intention is to denigrate. If some's actual name is Patrick, Pádraig, Pádraic or Páuric, then calling that person Paddy is grand. If a person's name is Seán, Cathal, Éamon or Tadgh, then calling that person Paddy, deserves a dig in the head.

  3. Welcome Dave.  You have a point, but I think most will agree that Paddy’s Day has crept into general currency?  I suppose a lot depends on your point of view of the day itself.  St Patrick’s Day sounds more like a religious holiday [which it is] while Paddy’s Day sounds more like a drinking holiday [which it also is]

  4. Sorry to say I’ve ad it wrong all these years. I could have sworn today is St. Patrick’s Mum’s Day…

  5. I presume Patrick had a mother. so why doesn’t she have a day too?  Only right and proper?

  6. no its paddy’s day and we also frown on putting colouring in perfectly good beer in the real pubs not the bars that cater to the unknowing tourists

  7. I have NEVER heard it referred to as St. Patty’s day until this past week when that was used by a Welsh blogger who lives in Dublin!!!

    “Patty’s Day sounds like a celebration of paedophilia and paedophiles.”

    Sounds about right for the Irish Catholic priesthood.

  9. “It takes the fucking Americans to take someone else’s national holiday and fuck up the name.  No one else could be so thick.”
    Not only that but we even believe that Saint Patrick was Irish. We certainly are an ignorant lot aren’t we?

  10. Kirk M – Everyone knows that Patrich was a Welshman.  We swapped him for a daffodil and a leek.  Not a very good bargain, in my opinion.

    *sigh*  Who do you want to fuck off now, tt?

  11. Jazzzzuz, Oim haviin agrate foikin toim.,jus drunk lods of de drinkds. Happi St. Paatt …Im gee eyed    day GD. TT yer a dozy Mercan racist git. Hav a drink r ten an flukin loosin up, ya bollix……hic!oh fuck…look anuder Merkan band girlie…..yummmmmyy…

  12. As one who has a, ahem, certain undeclared interest in this debate, I only get called Patrick ( byIhe missus) if I’ve been naughty, usually it’s Pat do this and Pat do that and Pat do the other then Patrick you’ve done this wrong, or, Patrick that is wrong, or, the other’s wrong Patrick.
    Having said all that she refers to me, in her diary, as Paddy.
    If the ladies want their own special day to celebrate their Irish nationality surely they should bend the knee to St Patricia. Simples tsk.
    Just sayin’ like.

    Talkin of trench coats and paedophilia, tt -how are you this fine day?

  13. Don’t you know that St. Patrick’s Day parades were invented by the Irish-Americans in the 1860-1870 period, when they wanted to assert themselves and say boo to anti-Irish job discrimination and other cultural baloney?

    For lunch today I tasted Great Wall wine and had frilled salmon in a twee restaurant that attracts more Chinese than expatriate customers.

    One thing I’ll say for the Americans – the girls in the high school bands that fly in to participate in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin every year give the crowds a great free leg show. Step it out me nice fine Marys and Pattys; show yer legs to the country man.

  14. Who says that we find a way of getting back at the Yanks by calling the fourth of July something “stoopid” like, uuuhmm, You’re-A-Hindrance Day? Or perhaps Good-Riddance Day
    Of course this’d be the one day that I come down with a bug. The only thing I’m consuming is water 🙁

  15. Slab has passed out cold.  I wonder what took him so long?

    Patrick/Patti – Isn’t Frigid Bridgid the female answer to our Padhraig?  Then we can have a Biddy’s Day.  I think that is a brilliant idea!!

    Ger – That is a good point about the Yang Wans in the parade.  They do tend to show a fair bit of leg all right.  A bit too much a couple of years ago – half of them got frostbite!

    InnisEanna – There is nothing wrong with a diet of water.  Be careful that it’s not too strong though.  You need to dilute it heavily with whiskey.

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