Conning the sheeple — 9 Comments

  1. i had this argument in the ladie’s loo just the other day about germs and washing….the git was using a paper towel to push the soap dispenser foam thing to wash her hands, why i though, the soap will wash the ‘germs’ off, i mentioned it to her and got a stunned blink blink look from her..think it popped one of her brain cells.
    seriously, i’m surprised i survived past 50, what with drinking from hoses and lawn darts (pointy ones not the safe ones) and of course if you dropped your candy you immediately picked it up, blew on it (why i’m not sure but i saw my mother do it so it must be right) and popped the candy back in your gob and if you ever could pool your coin together with a friend for a bottle of pop, you passed it happily back and forth after wiping the top with a grubby hand. 
    they should study this as i don’t seem to catch colds as easy as what i see in the younger generation.  

  2. I bet the company that makes them hate that twat doing a Youtube about it. Cost them a lot os sales I would think; and why wwould he put it on Youtube anyhow?

  3. Cat – I even scare myself when I think back on some of the things I did as a kid – messing around on very deep water-filled lime pits [can’t swim] and playing in heavily polluted rivers.  Dirt was just part of everyday life.  The fact is that we built up a healthy immune system based on exposure, which is something the modern generation just don’t have.   

    tt – I presume he sees himself as a great help and adviser to the public?  Leastwise I don’t think he is doing Dettol/Lysol any big favours!


  4. If you don’t actually handle your todger whilst peeing you negate the need to wash your hands (so my mother used to say). All you need to do is carry a spoon in your top jacket pocket – for tt the hanky pocket.
    Now the spoon can vary in size, proportional to the dimensions of said todge, from a teaspoon, dessert spoon to a table spoon, if, however, like me you need a ladle – forget the whole idea and just go back to washing your hands (Yes plural).

  5. I bet this guy’s got some social life! Really though, I’ve often thought about this “amazing invention” myself and can only laugh at the gullibility – not to mention STUPIDITY – of modern folk. What a scam……

  6. Patrick – You could always ask someone else [tt for example] to help you out?  I certainly wouldn’t fancy carrying a large ladle around, especially in the pub.  They might think I was strange?

    Enda – Obviousely a lot of people are falling for this or they would have withdrawn it from the market ages ago.  I see from YouTube thee are samples of their advertisement for Europe, America and the Far East.  Weird…….

  7. The only time my hands need washing is when they are visibly grimy. Otherwise, who cares? I don’t.
    I do, however, take great care to ensure that my hands and fingers are clean and dry before lighting up a nice, calming cigarette.

  8. I was accosted by a Dettol sales girl a couple of months ago in our local supermarket. There was a discount (50%) on this device and she was basically declaring that my health would suffer if I didn’t buy it. While listening politely to her gobshite spiel, I looked at how much the refills were and saw they cost more than the discounted device. I asked the very ‘knowledgeable’ and ‘intelligent’ sales girl if I could use other liquid soaps instead. She gave me a look as if I had asked her for a quick shag and then said that the other soaps would clog the device. I obviously didn’t the bloody thing and stuck with the simple to use and refill liquid soap dispenser.

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