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  1. Cat – Pretty astounding stuff?  If he wants the world to be a safer place he woud be better off eradicating himself.

    Mossy – Unfortunately The Powers that Be are listening to nutters just like him.

  2. Fucking hell A.N. Other, were you a model for Lowry? I’ve heard of longer and fatter butchers pecils.

  3. A Grandad – Can you see in the dark and do you have cat’s eyes?

    Patrick – Are your vital statistics anything to brag about?

    William – Where would the world be without Guinness, The Atom Bomb and rubber soled shoes?  We are owed a massive debt of gratitude….

  4. The Cunts keep telling me how much Carbon I produce when they bill me. I won’t mind so much if the fuckers would ever deliver to me the Carbon I bought and paid for.
    I’ll bet I could sell the stuff for a profit.  Just think of all the shit that’s made with Carbon in.
    “Hey Man, wanna buy some black?”

  5. I’ll consider reducing my meagre carbon footprint when the world’s leaders & politicians set an example by reducing their own,  by not flying round the globe to attend endless and utterly pointless “conferences” or “summits” and do the whole thing by internet video-conferencing instead ..

    Until they do, I’ll just have a few more pipes of baccy & they can chew my starboard testicle .. 😉

  6. I got fined for not creating enough Global Warming. My bill for a vacant property had a fine on it for “low usage”. As our electricity is created by burning oil and gas, I apparently didn’t make the ESB burn enough of it to create enough smoke for the atmosphere, so I have to pay a “non polluters” fine, probably for giving them nothing to scream about.

  7. A couple of other sneaky tricks the utlities play.
    EON carry on charging a house they accept is unoccupied as though it were and according to them I owe them £782.67 on their ‘estimated bill’ on a house they have accepted in writing is empty and has been see my mother popped her clogs in 2010!
    United Utilities who take the water pouring from the sky, store it pollute it and then send to the taps in the same home also accept in writing that it is empty send the ‘new owners’ a bill for £800. Chancers.
    Scottishpower cannot simply cannot calculate an accurate ‘final bill’ for the gas and leccy in my home so I did their job for them and offered them a much lower payment than their guestimate. They declined the offer but magicked a £50 ‘discount’ as a ‘gesture of goodwill and then set a DCA on me. After laughing at the DCA letters just prior to their incineration the bill is still unpaid and it never will be.
    You see I don’t know how it is in Ireland but over here there is no contract between the utility charger and their domestic customers so there is no way they would ever win in court.
    Even if there was a contract In law (English Law not the stupid legal statutes) once the original debt has been bought by the DCA it is regarded as being paid in full even if the DCA bought a £10K debt for £10. Sneaky buggers don’t want you to know that though… you do now!

  8. Believe it or not, but the Archbishop of Sydney in Ozland, Cardinal George Pell, gave a controversial speech last autumn in which he doubted the efficacy and social equity of governments leveling carbon taxes. He refered to previous historical periods of warming and freezing and said that scientific statistics don’t necessarily show that our earth is warming up significantly in recent decades. Anyway, for what you think it’s worth coming from a mitred chap, here’s a link to that:

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