Going green around the gills — 16 Comments

  1. I always miss home on St.Patrick’s Day.
    There is no event in Tunisia to mark the day whereas when I was in Lagos were always invited to the Irish Ambassadors place for a bash.
    Bacon and cabbage ‘an all!!
    No Ambassador here unfortunately.

  2. What?  No crubeens?  That’s terrible!  You’re as well off out of Lagos so……

  3. “Time to polish up the rifle and stock up on ammo, methinks.”
    You’ll only get six years if you manage to hit any of them GD. Just don’t be tempted to take their money, or do any hold ups or you’ll be in the slammer a lot longer.
    Maybe you could take out a Dozy Fucking Judge or two as well.

  4. Well let’s see, you’ll need some 7.62 Nato for across the course and some 6.5/283 for long range and of course some good old fashioned 50cal to take vehicles out.  I’m also figuring you’ll want some of the anti-SUV rockets.  Any thing I’m missing for this order?

  5. Slab – I’m a fully paid up. fully licensed member of the Irish Tourist Shooting Association, so no worries there.  I may well accidentally pot off a few TDs though in which case I shall plead sanity.

    Brianf – That sounds good.  I’ll bang the cheque in the post as per.  Incidentally I hear your military are doing some interesting things with chain-guns?  Any chance of a sample?

  6. time to actually use the rifles and ammo.
    freemen free the UK

  7. The 30 caliber Mini-guns sell out as fast as I get them.  I have a 10 barrel 40mm Vulcan cannon that I’ll send along with the order.

  8. Brianf – Yup.  You can throw in the Vulcan.  I’m sure I’ll find a very good use for it.

    tt – Aw fuck!  Don’t tell me is was one of those fucking “shave your head and scrotum for charity” days?  And the answer is that I  didn’t.  And never will.

  9. You didn’t mention the bogs?  Have you grown weary of luring tourist into them?  Or, have they all filled up with tourists?  🙂

  10. Enough of Pete Bogs and Alec Guiness, I get to play with my old mucker (fuck off tt) Bob Shaw in the St. Patrick’s day golf tournament. (it’s a four ball better ball, so I get the chance to bring him down to my skill level.
    It’s what St Patrick’s day is all about – GOLF.
    Who the FF is St. George. when he’s at home?

  11. Sorry to say I will not be passing through this year. But…fad saol agat, gob fliuch, agus bás in Eirinn, son!

    or…er…something like that.

    knock off a tourist for me.

  12. I’ll wear Chinese-made green underpants with the slogan: Kiss my green jocks: I’m Irish. I’m gonna paint Shanghai green.

  13. Who the FF is St. George. when he’s at home?”  I have no idea.  He’s never at home so I can’t ask.

  14. Good excuse for a piss up! 😀 Guessing that’s why us brit’s stole it….. we love a good excuse……

    St. George is a saint of some kind right? I’m only guessing at that one. 


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