Wanted by the EU — 13 Comments

  1. Something about tents springs to mind, whether or not it is better to be on the inside of the tent pissing out or on the outside pissing in.
    It might be the ideal opportunity to tell them to their faces ” to get fucked”.

    I see your Teeshook has signed the treaty upon which you and your countryfolk are yet to be referendummed, so what happens if the NO vote wins the day?
    Only asking.

  2. I looked through the ‘Irish in the EU’ link and saw that an Irish woman, Catherine Day, is Secretary General of the EU. So the answer is simple. Get her to disband it while she has the job. Seriously though  some of those jobs they have….. I wonder just how many bureaucrats are employed by the EU? All “nations.”

  3. Patrick – That fucker would sign anything his great pals in Brussels put in front of him.  I just hope for his sake he didn’t use indelible ink!

    Slab – A lorry load of Semtex in the basement should do it?

    Ian – In all seriousness, I would imagine they are trying to appeal to journalists and the rest to always put a positive spin on the news.  As far as I am concerned they can fuck off.  I report it as I see it.

    tt – The whole EU setup is a massive gravy train.  They pay themselves very handsome salaried and then grant themselves exorbitant expenses on top of the salary.  Their accounts have never been properly audited as far as I am aware, despite the fact that they grant themselves the right to audit Ireland and Greece.

  4. They know full well the only chance they have of getting their new Fictional Treaty passsed by Ireland is to get GD on their side! Expect to be showered with all sorts of carrots in the next few months!

  5. Inisanna – I have seen that one all right.  Wouldn’t you be proud of our Kathy Sinnott?  

    Cat – I decided in the late evening not to go.  Ergo – a sound decision.  Heh!

    Peacock – The chickens are starting to come home to roost?  This is another reason why man-made climate change has ro be right even though it’s wrong.  Can you see the EU giving all that lovely cash back when climate change is proved to be entirely natural?

    Not Green – Now you have hit the nail firmly and squarely on the head. 

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