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  1. I am looking out my window for flying pigs. you having something good to say about anyone, never mind a politician. Well, well, well. I guess you got laid this morning. Breakfast in bed?

  2. You know me, tt – always the first to admit I’m wrong.  There are good politicians as well as bad.  Unfortunately they are about as rare as you can get.

  3. Stay clear of lightning for a while. Anyway, I am busy watching the League cup final as I am sure you are.

  4. Idle words. Article 27 of the constitution states that the President can’t call a referendum without the majority of the Seanad, and 1/3 of the Dail, behind him. FG/L hold more than 2/3 share of seats in the Dail so he would be relying on government members actively voting with him. 
    The man might like to talk the talk, but he’s in a purely symbolic role. Rather than the rhetoric, he would be better off walking into Dáil Éireann with 300lbs of C-4 in a wheelbarrow, and taking them all out at once. 

  5. It’ll never happen, Higgins is a Labour muppet. Robbo had the chance years ago to put her tuppence worth in when a Gubmint could’nt be formed. Eventually we got  a FF/Lab monster that died after a short while fucking everything up, as usual.
    We are so owned by The EU (Fourth Reich) that no one here, short of Michael Collins rising from the grave, will be able to do a fucking thing.
    Council of State (Shite) They could’nt organise a piss up is their lives depended on it.
    Reclaim the Streets, maybe.
    How about “Reclaim The Republic 2016”? See ya in The GPO.

  6. Somehow the lyrics to the Boomtown Rats’ “Banana Republic” are starting to ring true once again. Maybe Sir Bob and the lads should think about re-releasing it just for another opportunity to piss off the (ahem) Government with it.

  7. I am well aware that his powers are extremely limited.  However thee is now someone at government level who at least is in the poition to ring some alarm bells.  After all, if he is so toothless, why are the gubmint so worried about his little speech?

  8. Well, after all, some elected twat has got to make the sounds that the people want to hear, actions, on the other hand, are a different kettle of fishes – init?

  9. “<i>why are the gubmint so worried about his little speech?</i>” because he’s still a symbolic member of the Labour Party, and as such, this is an embarrassment for them.
    The role of President isn’t totally toothless. He is still the “Supreme Commander of the Defence Forces” and could, in theory, launch a coup against the government. I’m just not sure if you could take over a whole country with two men, a bicycle, and a gallabandy.  

  10. I had him all wrong.  A leader that puts his people first is a rare one.  What’s your opinions on the state privatising some of the utilities?  All of the utilities in the US are privatised.  Mind you, they are heavily regulated by the government.

  11. Never going to happen the EU does not allow any descent just look what happen to the last Greek PM when he said there should be a referendum.  

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