Ireland is doomed — 13 Comments

  1. Call this our revenge for the Lisburn Treaty! We’ll keep sending them till we get ……….. ah …  forget it! We’re shagged! ;-(

  2. aren’t they dead yet? i thought they were dead…wishful thinking, come on boys, get an over dose in ya or a drunk crash, you’ve gone past your spoil date

  3. Jedward. Knowing how you hate them this bit of news has really put a smile on my face this morning. Still, thank fuck it’s in Azerbaijan. Best place for it.

  4. Not Green – Depressing.  Innit?

    Filthy – There is no honour in mocking the afflicted.

    Brianf – Three years in a row we send turkeys.  The only reason we do it is so that RTE doesn’t have to bear the cost of hosting next year.

  5. Cat – It is a terribly bad reflection on modern society that such a talentless pair can survive so long.  It really baffles me.

    tt – “this bit of news has really put a smile on my face”  May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.

  6. Meltemian – Agreed!  None of yours are irritating little twerps at least!  And do my eyes deceive me?  Is that a resurrected Michael Jackson in the second selection?  Nice one!!

  7. They are the embodyment of giving The Eurovision Shite Contest the bird since we’ll never win the talentless contest because all of the former Communist Countries keep voting for each other.

    The Question is though, do we really need or want to win this rubbish and have to pay to host it, perhaps for another three times?
    I fucking don’t.

  8. Jasus Meltman, With those Wimmin, youze will win no problem, keep the blokes.
    We have a bloke from Millstreet who’ll give youze some advice on hosting the Show (shite) in a Cow Shed, since its all you can afford.

  9. Slab – Of course we don’t want to fucking win it. It’s an extremely expensive load of bollox.  So why do we bother entering at all?

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