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  1. What dont the plod go after the banksters that have ruined the country scum like Sean Fitzpatrick laughing at people while he enjoys him million euro pension. I count my blessing I got out of that place years ago no offense to all the good people of Ireland but if you sit back worrying about XFactor and Big Brother dont be surprised you are been enslaved. 

  2. Peacock – We live in difficult times, as our gubmint keep telling us [not that they would know about it – they look after themselves very well].  Sooner or later people are going to start to wake up, but by then, sadly it will be much too late.  If it isn’t already.

  3. Over here in La Belle France under Sarko the amount of revenue stolen from motorists has rocketed, as has the number of speed cameras and the ever increasing stupid legislation some of which Ireland is trying to impose on its citizenary ( compulsory hi viz for all motorcyclists points and big fine if you don’t comply ); you always know if Les Gendarmes haven’t earned enough as they are out there in the january cold at the crossroads 45 metres from my place in a small village determined to nick the local farmer for speeding on his tractor…….

  4. Can’t say as I share your semi optimistic view that people might just wake up before it’s too late. I’m afraid that nothing less than a mass hanging of ALL “elected” “representatives” and their puppet string holders will do.
    In the mean time I intend to enjoy the little bit of freedom left to me and to totally ignore the fuckers. 

  5. I used to get a lot of attention from the Gardai while driving. Sometimes they wouldn’t even stop me or say anything. They would just kick the car – my wee Morris Minor – give it a good boot. That was the boys on the motorbikes. I think they resented the colour – a lovely bright sunny yellow.

  6. Johnnyrvf – I noticed that each year I visited  there seemed to be more speed traps each year.  At least in France the limits aren’t as bloody infuriating as here.  French limits do tend to follow actual, rather than perceived danger.

    Patrick – I was just trying [unsuccessfully] to cheer myself up.  I know as well as you do that as soon as X-Factor is over, they all dive into Facebook to see how many new “friends” they have.  An entire brain-dead generation.  *sigh*

    BlackwaterT – I had the same problem myself.  Maybe it was the long hair or the beard but I spent more time ai the side of the road than actually driving on it.  At least Sheriff [our local fella] knows me well and wouldn’t dream of stopping me, unless he sees me driving in the wrong direction after a good night in the pub.

  7. The same thing is happening here in the US.  With falling tax revenues the easiest fix is to increase traffic enforcement.  The State of Florida had a law that a ticket could only be written if the violator was exceeding the speed limit by more than four MPH.  The state quickly rescinded that law at the request of local authorities.  
    Off topic. I see a statue is to be erected in Galway to that murderous bastard Che Guevara.  I am from Miami and spent many years living and working with the refugees from the worker’s paradise so this tribute to Che turns my stomach.  I’m ashamed to share the name of the bastard that created the picture the statue will be based on.  I think I’ll go off now to walk my dogs to relieve a little tension.

  8. What in the name of all that’s holy has Galway got to do with Che Guevara?  Is it just because yer man Fitzpatrick painted a picture of him?  A pretty tenuous link as an excuse for a waste of money?

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