A weighty problem — 15 Comments

  1. GD, I visit home – WICKLOW – 3 or 4 times a year and don’t notice many overweight people in Ireland.
    However, I also visit the UK on business every month and, believe me, the number of fat people (yes FAT and overweight) in the UK is quite noticeable. But I think that people in the UK probably eat more fast food than us or maybe there are other social reasons.

  2. Mossy – In fairness though, would you say the two thirds of men and half all women are overweight even in the UK?  At best I would class the overweight as a significant minority.

    And indeed, RIP Frank.

  3. No, certainly not as many as that but certainly more than you see in Ireland.
    In fact, those figures are bullshit any way you look at them as there are certainly many more overweight women in the UK than men. And that’s based on observations during a 2-3 day visit every month since last July.

  4. Give free cigarettes to all the fat fucks, they’re a proven appetite suppressant. Simples


  5. Give up Smoking, Give up Drinking, Give up eating, next Wanking will be considered unhealthy. Although if you were to give up all the above you would have extra cash to donate to good causes like ASH !!!

    Fuck it, I’m off to McDonalds & I’ll probably have a smoke in the car on the way, pretty soon all this will be banned too.

    Everything these cunts do not like leads to a crisis of some kind.

  6. Mossy – Of course the figures are bullshit, but you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Wait ’til we here about the millions who are dying from “overweight related diseases” and how they are costing us all trillions per day.

    Desiegee – How could I possibly argue against that?  Heh!

    Holemaster – I had to look up Ron Swanson and I’m still none the wiser.  Was that an insult or a compliment?

    Lafsword – Did someone say they are going to outlaw wanking?  What will all our politicians do?

  7. It’s OK, yesterday I was told that I had not ticked a box confirming that I was a human being and as I could not find a fucking box that stipulated whether or fucking not i was:
    a.  A Zombie
    b. An Extra terrestial.
    c.  fucking Irish
    d.  A Human being, I was debarred from commenting.
    As for fat bastards, they can, using an old Naval term, thin out and fuck off.
    There, that covers migration as well.

  8. Filthy – For once, an article that is spot on.  All this healthist shit will kill us if we don;t avoid it.  My parents and my generation never worried about all this “5 a day” crap and we didn’t exactly worry about calories either.  none of us could remotely have ever been called fat, let alone obese.

    Incidentally, 14½ stone and 5ft 10in is clinically obese?  For fuck’s sake!  A tad on the cuddly side maybe [as Herself would say].

    Patrick – Sorry about the tick box.  It pissed off Cat too.  An experiment that went badly wrong.

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