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  1.  “I have the whole of the Atlantic between me and Merka which makes a physical attack less likely.”
    Don’t count on it old man. If we can fly to the other side of the planet to bomb the shit out of Korea and Vietnam we can sure a hell do a job on your wee manor in Ireland.
    I, myself, will be flying over your abode on May 11 this year on my way to bomb Patrick’s hovel so watch out.

  2. I hope you include us “expats” in the number of Irish who visit the site.
    Merkans are too busy invading Afghanistan and burning Korans to pay any attention to you.

  3. Eh! Hello, I’m still here. I promise to turn the lights out when I leave.
    I won’t be going to Cambodia, although it would probably easier on the pocket to live there and they may have a better Health system too.
    I still have my Rocket project, maybe Mars or beyond, on a five year mission to discover new worlds and civilizations, to boldly go where no man……… sorry lost the plot there for a bit.

  4. GD, I can also mount a warhead on the rocket and sent The Merkans an early Happy 4th of July, Heh! I just need to find one of those Warhead ‘Knackers’ from the lovely Joyce or Quinn/McDonagh Clans.

  5. tt – Flying over?  Why don’t you drop in?  Heh!

    Mossy – All I can do is see where people are coming from.  The Interweb may be smart, but it ain’t so fucking smart that it can tell a person’s origins [yet].

    Slab – You are one of The Few, and God knows our numbers are dwindling by the day.  You must really hate Merkans if you intend to use a Knacker Warhead?  One of those can do far more damage than a megaton nuclear one.

  6. yeaa i am human again! ty for unticking my box grandad 😉

    i can only respond that me da was irish (well his da’s da was) and moved to newfoundland. mum’s mum was brit, so put me down as canadian irish brit and i use “U”s to spell correctly, as in coloUr not color, and it is cheque not check. 

  7. Cat – I always like to tick people’s boxes.  Isn’t Newfoundland more Irish than Ireland?  I have heard tell that yiz have Irish pubs and all there [and I’m not talking about those fucking diddly-eye places that call themselves Irish]

  8. Ahhh .. “Irish Sea”, the name of my latest Peterson Pipe (shape No 221, if you’re interested Grandad)  with which I’m highly delighted ..

    And in keeping with the sentiment of the above caveat, I’m not advertising .. merely saying ..  😉

  9. GD, Never in the history of grandadkind have so many owed so much to so few, to paraphrase a famous fat cigar smoker.
    “we shall fight on beaches, landing grounds, in fields, in streets and on the hills. We shall never surrender”, oh! shit I’ve gone off the beam again. You’ll get the point though.

    Love The Notice for (Gobshites) Spammers.

  10. I’ve got the Pennines and Liverpool to cross before I could get any where near you GD. I believe one of my ancestors back in the 1700s was part Jewish so does that make me almost  an Irishman.

  11. Haddock – Advertising of pipes is completely different, as well you know.  I have a few Petersons myself – great pipes!  Just been poking around their site.  Nice design but damned difficult to find anything specific!

    Slab – Have you been at those mushrooms again?  I warned you before about them.

    Toper – What??  Ireland is spelled I R E L A N D, not I S R A E L.  Did no one tell you?

  12. Oh btw am picking up TTT on the way, has absolutley no sense of direction, so make that brekkie for 2..K.x

  13. Slab – I know!  Indigestion from those magic mushrooms can be a right bugger.

    Jam M – Do you have the right address?  It could be handy?

  14. Pete, It’s usually not a good idea to visit Ireland in Army Combats with a Union Jack on whilst carrying a big threatening weapon. Please try your civvies next time, I’ll buy you a nice Pint of Guinness.

  15. All I can do is see where people are coming from.  The Interweb may be smart, but it ain’t so fucking smart that it can tell a person’s origins [yet].

    Well that’s a bit rich seeing as you know that I’m from Wicklow – not fair GD!!

  16. Jedrzej – Sorry, but you are Irish whether you like it or not.  Just check the little flag.  😉

    Mossy – I only know you’re from Wicklow because you told me. 

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