My chemicals made me do it — 8 Comments

  1. This has been a scientific fact known for decades. There is a single chemical responsible for smoking, over eating, speeding and all other socially unacceptable behaviors. The sinister chemical is oxygen. Once you remove oxygen, for even just a few minutes, peoples bad behavior ceases almost immediately. Of course they often become rather violent for first couple of minutes and after a couple of days the odor become quite foul, but no solution is perfect.

  2. Jim C – No good.  They want us compliant, but they also want us to be active generators of tax.

    Mossy – No.  All crimes are caused by alcohol.  There is a difference.

    tt – You’ll starve!  This is/was the Blog Awards time, but the bloke who organised the bash stepped down last year.  I don’t know if anyone else is stepping up to the plate.  I’m certainly not.

  3. Why not? You could make sure you win a second time. I don’t recall; did you go to Belfast last year?

  4. i have a chemical problem then, makes me want to reach out and bitch slap stupid people! thats my story and i’m sticking to it when i appear in front of the courts, got to be research somewhere on it. there is on everything else dumb.

  5. tt – For the simple reason that when I win, someone is bound to shout foul.  Didn’t make it last year [or the year before, for that matter].  Getting too old.

    Cat – Did I read somewhere that there is a Slap The Judge Syndrome recently discovered?

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