Silencing the Plebs — 9 Comments

  1. Of course they have filters for porn. I imagine there are legions of staffers reviewing porn sites. After all only the very best porn should be viewed by our elected officials. They don’t want to waste their time and “manual” labors, on low quality porn.

  2. I would say a trawl through their Bookmark Files would be a real eye-opener.  I would imagine they would be full of porn and sites for booking expensive holidays.  [they would need a holiday after all the manual labour involved in the other sites?]

    Slab – I already have two – the dog and Herself.  It’s an exceptional politician who can get past that pair.

  3. Just saw this on Irish Newspaper EU bribing Irish politicians.
    The now PM Kenny bunged an extra €50k a year.
    Fine Gael used it to pay Taoiseach Enda Kenny a top-up to his salary of almost €50,000 a year when he was leader of the opposition;

    Labour leader Eamon Gilmore and his deputy leader Joan Burton had their salaries topped up by a combined total of €22,100 in 2010;

    Ahh sorry Grandad, recently retired so I can bug the hell out of anyone I want, esp that stupid kid on the checkout in Sainsburys, who insists on getting me help to pack me bags………grrrrrrrrrrrrrr….Carmen kill, (my equally doddery rescue greyhound).  But do draw the line at not changing my…ahem…undergarments for a month.

    May that tossing lot rot in hell. 

  4. Strange the link of Kenny getting an extra €50k a year from EU is gone I was surprised it did not cause a bigger upset when it appeared guess slaves not allowed to protest. Yes Grandad that is the story but the other one said it was money from the EU. Pure and simple its a bribe to keep people enslaved to the EU note Liebour also got their noses in the trough.                                                  

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