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  1. What! how many chins was that 3/4 ? But this is the rubbish been put out on TV. I dont know how to put this but a ‘normal’ person looking like this would be in hiding but they have no shame.                                                                             Yesterday on the Mail a story about another barrel of lard to lazy to get out of bed 40 stone yes 40 stone been funded by the taxpayer. Then today an old lady facing ruin because she cant pay £5k in care.
    Yet this lard arse gets £300 a week..

  2. it became clear the embarrassing makeover experience had made no impact.
    ‘I don’t rethink any decision that I’ve made for my daughter as far as pageants,’ she said


  3. y’all fergit about that book learnin’ n wantin’ ta be a lawyer, you git out there and be a hooker like yer momma! ceptin’ you be a purdy one, thats where yer momma dunnit wrong

  4. I take it this what Merkans mean when they talk about Trailer Trash?

    Peacock – You are going to see a load more stories like that now that The Righteous are turning their attention onto the obese.  Anything to whip up a drop of public anger?

    Slab – Is that the anorexic twat who is married to a footballer?

  5. I was a teenage werwolf, but I don’t have an old photo handy that shows you my sharp gnashers. I had a succession of girlfriends before marrying and my lovebites were legendary.

  6. you gotta laugh at the “Duckface” being pulled by the large lady in pink – as if puckering those lips would make her look slimmer

  7. Jesus Wept,  if I ever see a dog with a bottom like that i’ll bring it straight to the vet for a lethal shot

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