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  1. Sounds like the back of my computer – can’t spot anything missing at the moment (well only tt & Patrick) but it’s early yet.  I have problems with surge protectors here as all the thunderstorms cause havoc and blow anything electrical to kingdom-come with monotonous regularity!!   I don’t even want to think about the back of the TV……..

  2. Meltemian – I am tempted to make a crack about surge protectors and Durex, but I will resist.  Few people think about the backs of their TV as most of their brain cells have been mushed by the front end.

    But is the site any faster?

  3. Site access faster from this end, well done.

    Meant to tell you though, one thing is amiss – I was working in a school this week and guess what? …….. our favourite GD’s site is blocked by the Dept. of Education’s Internet filters!!  It is not deemed suitable for schools! Don’t suppose you have any classification filter unblockers back there in the basement?

  4. Not Green – Success!  It should cut down on the electric bills too.  Blocked, huh?  Fucking bastards.  They must be afraid of the truth?  It’s not as if I use salty language or anything…….

  5. Cardi – You want me to invade the UK?  Damn!  I’ll see if the Lads in the village are up to a drop of invasion….

    Actually, I think that flag thing belongs to one of the plugin whatsits.  It may be for the chop shortly!

  6. Having some idea of where people are posting from is quite useful, but for those working abroad is obviously misleading as to nationality.
    Not sure why Cardi wants rid of the flag, but unless he is at sea it isn’t the Union “Jack” it’s the Union “Flag”.

  7. Forgot to say, Posting is much qucker, although page serves not significantly so, I only counted to six before my post appeared and it used to be twenty or so.

  8. Sean – Don’t be so pedantic!  That lark of waiting for a comment to go up was pissing me off too, and I comment on this site more than most.  I think it was something to do with an Ajax Somethingorother.  I think it gave you the opportunity to revise your own posted comment?  So everyone will just have to be more careful with their spelling!

  9. In this era of the EU “crown of thorns” rag the name of the standard of my great-grandfather’s adopted country seems to matter. Ah sorry Grandad, the older I get the more pedant-like I become.

  10. Cat – Welcome to my world.  I never know what day of the week it is.  I just take a blind guess.

    Sean – Good point You have my full permission to be as pedantic as you like….

  11. Y p, GD, Th sit is much fatt r. Th only probl m is, I can’t find what has happ n d to all of the ‘ ‘s. All of th m hav disapp r d. I’v b  n trying to find th m to no avail. Also my thumbs don’t s  m to b functioning  ith r. Any Id as?

  12. Slab – I think you may hav  a probl m th r ?  It has nothing to do with my sit  though.

    tt – Sport.  Fuck off.

  13. Don’t let life be made too complicated by gadgetry. Keep it all simple, and leave pseudo-sophisticated plug-ins and popup thingmajigs to the whizzkid computer nerds. What do they know about life’s simple pleasures anyway? A pipe in your hand, a warm coal fire, and a pint of plain is yer only man.

  14. Ah, fast at last. Gone are the days where we had to try out all the fancy plugins and such, yes? Now if only we could get a VPN at a reasonable price…oh, wait…you already have one (shuffles off mumbling with head down, hands in pockets, kicking the nearest shared server out of the way).

  15. Gerald – Yiz are a man after my own heart.

    Kirk M – I have spent the evening trying to find out what a VPN is.  From what I have discovered, I am frankly quite shocked.  I don’t know about you Americans, but we have high moral standards here.

  16. Grandad – If I thought for one second that you were serious, I’d say you needed to come off your medications long enough for your head to clear up. And now I’m going to have to spend a good deal of the night attempting to  discover whatever it was you discovered. Thanks…thanks a lot.

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