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  1. well, can’t get more positive than that eh, bet gov’t still complains though nothing pleases them

  2. frig nuts, delete the first one damn orange cat jumped on the keyboard, just how do they manage to hit the right key EVERY TIME

  3. How positively fucked is your country, more fucked than the Greeks? Portugal? Your country broke away from one oppressor to kiss the arse of another so just bare your bum and take it like a man, woman or child. (Why does taking up the sphinkter hurt so much, is it because I aint gay?)
    Still, we in the UK have the Olympics to take our minds off the shit we are rolling in, what does Ireland have?
    PS: No Irish person was hurt in the writing of this comment. :¬)

  4. Welcome, John!  I’d say we are in a very similar boat to the Greeks [though our boat is called the “Costa Concordia”].  At least the Greeks have the balls to protest.  Our lot are too busy with their iPhones and X-Factor. 

    As for hurting sphincters, I quite honestly wouldn’t know.  Not one of my areas of expertise.

    My condolences on the Olympics, by the way.

  5. Protest? What is that, the UK don’t do protest anymore, we are too girlie for that these days. As for the oilyimpics well I won’t see much of it (I live in the North East of England, I’m TheBigYin) other than it being splashed all over the news for a couple of decades and even if I could afford to go I wouldn’t cos it has been deemed a smokfree games ffs and my money is not welcome so they can stick the oilyimpics up that place we were talking about earlier.
    I can’t wait for death to take me so I can lay claim to all those virgins and I just know that heaven is smoker friendly, if it isn’t then that would be hell.

  6. Protest, is’nt that negative? We don’t know how to protest either. Two Gubmints have done nothing but negative shit. What have we thats positive to consider without being taxed?
    If we go around smiling (being positive) the cunts will think we like it and give us some more crap.
    As for taking it up the ass, well as a famous song went ‘it burns, burns, burns, like The Ring of Fire’…..
    Hey GD I found my ‘E’s, a whole bag of them in the press, nearly blew my brain (small an’ all as it is).

  7. I had no shoes and complained; until I met a man who had no feet.
    Let’s get positive about all the guvmint and media commentator bullshit. Use it all to make positive compost and grow organic vegetables. Eat your greens, but don’t forgive the Greens for getting into bed with Biffo and Co.

  8. Is it yourself,BigYin?  That John Baker had me confused.  Actually, the Olympics affects me as much as you.  The television is going to be full of the fucking thing all summer.   Of course Heaven is a Smoking Zone.  Not only that but they only supply the best tobacco [and it’s free].

    Slab – Congratulations on finding your Es.  I honestly think we should be more positive.  I think burning down the Dail would be a good positive start?  Lynching a few politicians?  Let’s burn the bondholders, and I don’t mean financially.  And I thought that the “burning ring of fire” only applied to Vindaloo curry?

    Not Green – You make it sound like I’m complaining?  I’m not.  I’m being positive.

    Gerald – Now you have me really confused.  Is this a call to cannibalism?  “Eat your local Councillor” type of thing?  It could work, if you have a poor sense of taste….

  9. Grandad, you write “though our boat is called the “Costa Concordia””
    I thought that it was called “Costa Lotamoney”

  10. I said eat your greens (lower case g) grown from bullshit compost heaps, but not your Greens (upper case muck makers). So devoured councillors might be indigestible and their excretions cause Mad Lettuce Disease. Frying the slugs that crawl on lettuce would be safer. Served in Chinese oyster sauce, they could put lots of nervous fellows in the right frame for Valentine’s encounters. There’s positivity for you.

  11. I was just reading that some insurance company [Quinn?] went bust and the government has decided to steal 2% on every insurance policy to pay off the debt. How much more are the people going to take before they get off their arse and say enough is enough. I cant believe they are getting away with all this.

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