Yet another ban — 14 Comments

  1. Children need crash courses in reading and writing. They are so semiliterate that they read a No Smoking sign to mean Gizza Fag Mister. Or. as you surmise, they think it is two elephants sailing over Victoria Falls.
    I say, ban these signs and substitute with big heaps of elephant dung adorned with smoking Woodbines. A possible slogan to accompany same might be: Smoking coffin nails is a heap of elephant manure. That’s all the bull for today.

  2. Mossy – All I can say is thank God they don’t use a pipe symbol.  I’d gag for a puff every time I saw one.

    Gerald – They should make smoking compulsory in schools.  Then the kids would run a mile at the suggestion of a cigarette?

  3. If you think that’s bad, there’s a gang of brats taking their cider flagons up to the field behind my house at night and a Garda told me they are also sniffing nicotine patches up there as well. According to the uniform, it’s even worse than Rome in it’s heyday. “De knickertine”, he told me reliably, “Turns the young wans inta craven randy bithches and the lads and myself have had ta trow buckets a’ cold water over dem some nights”.

  4. Jeezus Slab.  In the UK that photo would have social services knocking at the door within ten minutes.

  5. John – Hah!  First time I have heard of patches being used as an aphrodisiac!  Of course modern yoof would inhale a bus driver’s kacks if they thought they could get a high there!

    Slab – Seeing as you like links to photographs, I like this lot.  I think that should be sufficient to give any self-righteous Anti a heart attack?

  6. I was going to say – reach for the fags, but Mossy beat me to it – strange none of your Yank contributors have picked us up on that one … still, even yank ‘comes’ from a different angle these days … sad world we live in – thank God for the do – gooders!!!!(disappears in a poof of smoke)

  7. Welcome Frank!  Puff?  Poof?  Depends on which kind of ‘fag’ we’re talking about.  Life would be a whole lot easier if Americans could learn English!  [Good luck on the journey, BTW!]

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