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  1. I have to agree with almost everything you are saying GD.
    They do think they are a special racial case. They have even, with the help of experts (gobshites) tried to prove an link with wandering tribes of Europe. This turned out to be bullshit. 
    Their DNA showed them to be as Irish as the rest of us.
    To an extent, if you trace their family roots back, they were disposessed of their lands/farms etc in famine and Imperial times and have remained on the road preserving their particular customs and traits. They are not different and should have the law of the land applied as with all other Irish people.

    The laugh is though, The British have made them a special ethnic group in The UK. Nothing but problems ensued.

    Don’t call them ‘Knackers’, as it discriminates against them justifing their claim of racist abuse and special ethnic treatment. It also makes them extremely angry as it is one of the most derogatory things you can call them.

    Paracites would be a better description, since they are adept at cleaning up on the Social Welfare system here and in The UK, a skill also shared by, lets say, some of our newly arrived ‘Citizens’.

  2. i’m still unsure what a  “knacker” is…i use the word knacker’d when i’m tired..obviously that can’t be right unless knackers are a race of very exhausted people

  3. Knackers were people involved in the protein recovery business. Their business involved recovering the flesh from animal carcases rended and boiled down for animal feed etc. Most of the carcases were of equine origin in the old days. Dead old or injured horses were sent to the Knackers yard.
    Travellers traditionally kept bred and sold horses, not of great quality. Their association with horses of poor quality was confused with the Knacker trade, hence Knackers.
    It is a term, they consider highly abusive, since they profess a great love of Horses.
    There are many reasons why the horse population should be monitored though for their humane protection.

  4. Yes the Brits were paying these parasites housing benfits when they were camped illegally too scared to be accused of breaches of inhuman rights millions wasted.                                                                                                              I saw this little gem on the BBC now I wonder if this goes on in Ireland. I know that gobshite Sean Fitzpatrick had some fiddle going with payments of his pension.
    Remember Haughey said paying taxes is for ‘little people’

  5. Slab – I intend no insult to those members of the Traveler Persuasion who abide by the rules of common decency.  I do however reserve the right to use derogatory terms for those who still abuse their position, commit criminal acts or generally distinguish themselves as unworthy of common respect.

    Cat – Slab got there before me!  There used to be a knacker’s yard in Clanbrassil Street in Dublin back when I was a kid.  You could smell the place for miles, and it was not pleasant.  A perfectly honourable profession, I might add.

    And as a bonus… Tinkers [which the Travelers also object to] are metal-smiths who work in tin.  Another honorable profession, and one practiced by a few Travelers to this day.

  6. I agree GD, but I won’t give their position credence by calling them names (except, Paracite, Tax Cheat, Criminal, Theif etc) and falling into their trap.
    They get a lot for nothing and have a lot to answer for.
    Just consider too, GD there’s a bit of ‘Knacker’ in us all.
    You have a little trick with electricity cables connected to neighbours, which is shared with ‘dem peepel’ I believe. Heh!

  7. Every couple of years ya’ hear about a group (extended family) of Irish immigrants who travel around and scam older people out of their money.  They are normally operating out of one of the Carolinas.  When caught they are referred to as “Travelers”.  Here they are not considered a protected class but instead they’re called criminals.  The problem is they are deported instead of being thrown in prison.  So you just get them back.  I call that getting off scot-free.
    Fuck off tt ya’ twit! 

  8. Here in the west country they call gypsies “diddycoys” (sp?).  In the south east, where I used to live, Irish (and laterly eastern European) travellers of the nuisance variety are called “Pikeys”.  Is that term used in Ireland at all as I’ve never heard it on my visits?

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