Wishful thinking — 13 Comments

  1. DELETE DELETE DELETE !!!!!!!!!!!

    While you’re about it, could you find one for The US Election Year?

  2. Sorry.  Can’t do.  If I deleted a whole year then tomorrow would have to become the 1st of January, 2013.  Think of all the things that would vanish if there was no more 2012.  Like the Olympic Games, for example…………

    OK.  I’m working on it.

  3. Bugger u Grandad, being trying for two fr***ing hours, fingies killing me, just looking up my no win, no fee solicitor….

    I know who u r…hehehe 

  4. Will yiz all be careful please?   All those clicks are wearing out the page.

    4,427,996 clicks so far.

  5. Do you have an option to re-initialize the hard drive and wipe the whole sorry memory completely. ?

  6. John – Good point I will incorporate that in EUEraser V1.6.

    146,471,655 clicks and counting

  7. Heh!  Welcome, Mike. 

    8,387,283,688 clicks up until now.  That’s more than the Earth’s population.  Did someone click twice?

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