Rampant wrinklies — 17 Comments

  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAH what the fuck is THAT!!!

    my god man have a heart i’m older now i can’t take that kind of shock out of the interweb!!  
    oh just noticed a link there..when my heart settles down and pain in my chest stops i’ll go looksee. better not be corpse sex or something or i will NOT forgive you

  2. Baaaaaaarffff!!! There goes my lunch. When I opened todays article from you and saw that picture screaming at me I thought it might be something to do with that Bodies Exhibition currently in Skangerland’s Ambassador Theatre.
    Just out of curiosity, GD; but you wouldn’t be dropping us any subtle hints as to the reasons behind your recent ‘parting’ with Sharon Ni Bare-All?

  3. Mossy – Slogan of the year?  😉

    Cat – I wouldn’t be seen dead writing about necrophilia.  What do you take me for?

    tt – I am assuming that isn’t addressed at me?

    InisEanna – I had a feeling someone would come up with a crack like that.  I am like the vegetarian butcher – just because I sell ’em doesn’t mean I use ’em.


  4. Holy Fuck, GD, and you asked where was I getting all the weird pictures.
    Herself is’nt looking great. What are you feeding her?
    Can you hear the cracking and popping noises?

    I was at visiting a Day Centre yesterday where an old prune remarked in full crackly voice “Your a fine catch”. Some of them are horny as hell and have no inhibitions. I fucking ran for the exit, AAAAaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Jazus……………

  5. Her tits look OK. Bet she gives a great blow job with those teeth out. Let’s ask Patrick when he gets on line today.

  6. slab you are a gent don’t let them tell you anything different..aww kittens

    dunno why grandad was trying to kill me off with a fright..he’s not in the will you know..not anymore anyway

  7. “The increased incidence of infections, of course, is associated with the finding that 80 per cent of men in the 50-90 age bracket claim to be sexually active”.

    At least 80% of men aged 90 are dead! 

  8. Ah, my first wife. How did you manage to get a picture of her anyway? Thought I burned the negative years ago. Rotten bi*** said she was rich.

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