The elephant in the room — 9 Comments

  1. Hopefully the little ‘un has’nt swallowed the elephant. Its amazing what the little buggers can ingest.
    I think theres an exhibition in Dublin somewhere on the items extracted surgically from peoples’ stomachs/bodies. Some of the stuff people swallowed, ugh!

  2. It’s a small elephant but not that small.  I think we would know too if he were taking a dump!  It brings a tear to my eye even thinking about it.

  3. Found the Elephant in the room….

    The government led by Enda Kenny of Fine Gael is doing everything it can to stop a referendum, because the answer the voters would most probably give is a No (the Irish are fed up with the EU/ECB/IMF team known as ‘the Germans’ occupying their finance department).”

    Mary Ellen Synon for the Mail Online

    opps I should read things more carefully….didn’t realise u meant the rugrat (granddiekiddie), I’m sure he’ll be okay….

  4. Slab – There has to be an elephant/steamroller joke there somewhere?  Where do you manage to find all these strange images?

    Jan M – Great stuff!  That may be a little off-topic but it cheered me a lot! 

  5. You should not have published this information. Going back through past records you have not paid your taxes and fees on all those vehicles. I also have a feeling there will be a retroactive elephant tax.

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