Sheer spite — 15 Comments

  1. I pretty much agree with you other than “forcing them out into the road.” There is a choice. They are not forced. They could just refrain from smoking whilst they are in hospital.

  2. TT – I had a feeling that would come up.  Many people, if forced to unwillingly quit smoking get rather agitated, and to put it mildly, unhappy.  If a patient is supposed to be relaxing after treatment, is this a good state of mind to be in?  I might also add that smokers contribute around a billion to the Irish exchequer each year, which easily overpays their hospital treatment, yet they get treated worse than pigs in a sty.

    Not Green – One of the appalling things about the whole tobacco argument is that researchers are so determined to prove that all cancers are “smoking related” that they have ceased research into the real causes.  How many people have to die while researchers look in the wrong place?

  3. They (we) get agitated and unhappy because of our nicotine addiction. Still I remember as a young man being in a hospital bed for a few weeks with some broken bones quite happily puffing away, drinking beer overnight while shagging a young nurse behind the screens.

  4. Do you not know that it is considered to be very bad form to smoke and drink while shagging someone?  Whatever happened to undivided attention?

  5. Doggy style, ashtray on her back, (or his back if your initials are P.H), beer at the side. Way to go.

  6. They are obviously trying to create a master race of 100% healthy aryan beings. One of them will call a press conference one of these days and simply scream “This- IS- SPARTA!” into a microphone and loads of health professionals will jump to their feet screaming ‘Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!’ …..
    and there will be a picture of Mary Harney in two SS uniforms on the wall.

  7. Patrick – It is getting very hard to differentiate between all these articles.  The comments are worth a chuckle though…..  “anyone who maintains they have smoked for MANY years and have no problems are,in my opinion, blatant liars.”.  Fucking great!  They know more about my health that I do!!!

    Con – Are you not attending your compulsory German lessons yet?

    Prog – I got as far as Question 8, managing to score 0 on every one.  I had to stop at eight though as they give a list of cancers and ask which are caused by smoking.  They didn’t have a “none of the above” so I couldn’t continue without deliberately lying.

  8. Hand on my heart – it hasn’t [so far].  The only time I had a lot of chest complaints was when I worked in an office in the city centre that was surrounded by bus termini.  The air was constantly thick with diesel fumes.  Withing days of moving out of that hell hole all chest infections cleared.  I also had a long bout of sinus trouble, but that started when I moved to a “sick building” and stopped as soon as I moved out.

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