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  1. Most of these sites keep your account info even after you’ve closed your account.  So I zero as much of their existing info as possible, before deleting the account – particularly email address and name.
    For the purpose of changing a pre-deletion account, I have a “junk” email address which people can spam as much as they like, because I use it for nothing else.

  2. Cat – Don’t overdo it though.  You might accidentally delete yourself.

    Welcome Fausty!  They did send me a mail saying they were holding on to the account [in case I want to resuscitate it!  Hah!].  It’s marked for total deletion in 30 days.  In the meantime they can feel free to use any info in there.  It’s all a pack of lies anyway!

    Mossy – It’s a place for people who have no other place to live.

  3. You should have posted a photograph of Sandy      –     

      or Sharon.

  4. Hmm delete self button, hard to find the right menu, but there it is. Press once, nothing seems to happen, try to double click, still noth…… <!connection terminated>

  5. A Grandad – Bloody hell!! If I posted a photo of Sharon I would be inundated with requests, and not all of them too savoury I would imagine.

    Jim C – Jim?  Hello Jim?  Could have sworn I heard him?

    Doc – I have one that doesn’t work just over the start of the comments.  You can press it to your heart’s content and nothing will happen.  Try it…….

  6. Leaving false information and a false email is always good,these sort sites always purport to show women in my area too ,funny thing town aint that big and i haven’t seen hide nor hair of any of them yet

  7. Good on yah grandad. I often feel the same myself. I’m pissed off with people who I hardly know, I don’t know at all, wanting to be my friend on Facebook, just because I have a disability like them. They may call us grumpy old men, but so fucking what. They make us grumpy.

    Grumpy old cripple and proud of it!   

  8. Dougal – I often wondered what would happen if I turned up on their doorsteps.  Would they be so fucking keen to meet me if they know I was a pensioner?  Heh!

    Peter – Do these same people walk up to strangers in the street and ask to be their friend?  I doubt it, yet the Interweb seems to have rather strange rules where that kind of thing is acceptable.  And grumpiness is a pleasure to be relished!

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