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  1. when a child is doing something that will cause harm and there is no time to “discuss”, a bloody good whack to the rear gets the point across as they say in my spot on the world “right some quick eh”

    several of those whacks kept me safe and allowed me to learn and grow that includes raps cross the knuckles for reaching for things i shouldn’t be reaching for, whack to the rear came if i missed the first pointed lesson. 

  2. Well there’s no need to smack ’em if they are drugged enough. Tranquillise the little fuckers up to the gills so they stay nice and loose in the pram. The only problem then is drool. The future is bright.

  3. Just put a roof over Ireland now and refer to it as the Western Asylum. That poor bastard island can’t even deal with priests who rape children or those who seek to cover up those rapes- now all of a sudden it is going to police whether the children of the nation (all of whom are treasured equally of course) are smacked or not by their parents?
    What are they going to do? Get the Order of St Molester to open up a sanctuary institution? Re-open the Magdalene Laundries and put the Bitches of Mercy back in charge so the little mites can be sure of being cherished and raised in safety?
    Listening to the Irish establishment on the subject of child cruelty is like asking the last South African Apartheid Government to deliver a christmas lecture on racial equality. The fucking total naval gazing stupidity of the rockmonkey government and its hopelessly naive half-damp notion of itself in the world strikes again.
    I suppose Michael Woods will be brought out of retirement to oversee this one on the board of an expensive new quango. Ireland is a mental home.

  4. Damn-right GD.  Some kids don’t need it but most do.  A quick smack on the bottom is a lot better for discipline and family harmony when kids misbehave.  No-one seems to set boundaries for them nowadays, I reckon that’s why they all think they have ‘rights’ and no responsibilities when they get older.

  5. Cat – It would make one wonder if these self-righteous bigots ever had any children of their own.  And if they have they must be ghastly little spoiled brats.  If a whack on the hand or the legs saves a child from doing something really dangerous then where is the wrong doing there?

    Con – You have hit the spot as usual.  This whole thing reminds me of the abortion referendum where the Mothers of Seven all squealed about the rights of the unborn, but when it comes down to looking after an unwanted child, you couldn’t see their heels for the dust. Now they are telling the country not to smack its children but when it come to discipline they shut and offer no alternative.  Fucking hypocrites!

    Meltemian – The vast majority of parents know when a slap is needed and when a quiet word will do.  Of course the Righteous will claim that any parent who even considers a slap is a child molester and should be locked up.  I maintain that half the problem with modern delinquents is that they know that they can’t be touched so they have carte blanche to say and do as they like.

  6. I was smacked as a brat when I was being a brat and there was’nt a time when I did’nt deserve it.
    It did me no harm and it showed me the boundaries I was overstepping instantly, when I had failed to heed all of the warnings from my Parents. It made me the Slab I am today. An asset citizen to our country (Fucking Idiot Taxpayer). I have practised to a modified extent what my Parents taught me in raising my Slablets and they have turned out just fine. No jail sentences, court appearances, murders, robbings, maimings or anything nasty.
    The point is I did it my way with my Parents’ knowledge on board. I did’nt have the fucking Nanny State looking over my shoulder.

    I can’t understand why the State would get involved to this extent since they don’t give a shit nor can they take care of the poor little buggers in care. Look at the stats for the number of deaths of kids in care in this country. Fucking shocking.

    Will Kids be charged with assault when they batter their brothers/sisters too?

  7. I think most sensible parents/grandparents know exactly when a bit of chastisement is needed
    unfortunately the the righteous are brainless

  8. It is with stuff like this that one begins to realise Pol Pot may have had his heart in the right place.

  9. Slab – I don’t think I ever met one of my contemporaries who wasn’t given the odd belt at home.  As for school?  Hah!  A day without a good beating of the leather was a day wasted in our book.  And did it do any harm?  Not a jot.

    Calum – As I said, the Righteous only see things in black and white.  Either you talk to and reason with a seven year old as if he or she is a fully fledged adult, or you’re a child molester.  I suppose black and white are the only options though when you only have two braincells?

    Con – The only problem with Pol is that he had too many other peoples hearts in the wrong place?

    Ger – Now you know why I don’t do podcasts?

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