Innocent conviction — 7 Comments

  1. Ahhh .. your symptoms are typical Grandad ..

    You’ve permitted way too much blood to enter your alcohol stream ..

    Dr Haddock recommends the partaking of large, regular doses of Jameson for the next month ..

    PS .. Cos you’re one of the good blokes, there’s no fee for the diagnosis or treatment plan .. 😉

  2. Obviously you’re suffering a delayed reaction.

    Back to the Training then, you’ll just have to keep practising. 

  3. Haddock – Thank you kindly for the [free] advice.  As it happens, I had anticipated your reply and am happily sitting comfortably with a bottle of Black Bush at my elbow. 

    Melitimian – An interesting concept?  I wounder if it would be possible to drink a skinful and stay cold sober, only to wake two days later pissed out of my mind?  I must try that.  All in the interests of science, of course……

  4. Grandad

    Hello from a fellow Grandad, I have also suffered like you..
    I consumed so much alcohol one night that the hangover did
    not kick in till 2 days later.
    All the best

  5. Calum – Welcome to my humble little corner of the Interweb.  Indeed, I have had those in the past but I thought I had grown out of them.  They are like a Final Demand – Just when you think they have forgotten, they slam you between the eyes.  There should be a law against it…

  6. Just so long as you remember that ” a hair of the dog ” is only a figure if speech. Otherwise your discomfort could be extended for a while. And what the fuck does it mean anyway ????

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