Sleeping Beauty — 8 Comments

  1. sorry grandad, i dont’ follow..what is this “sleep in” thing you speak of? as for times life really boils my piss i’m very familiar

  2. Wow, just woke up meself!! Not a bad Christmas. As they say if you can remember it, you weren’t there!!  Just wondering about “your” Sharon, is she not knocking around with a vet these days? Might explain the dog’s unusual reaction to your nocturnal ramblings?

  3. Cat – I saved up all my sleeps for my retirement.  All the more reason why I want to enjoy ’em now.

    Meltemian – I thought of that but she’s a big dog so the flap would take up half the door.  I suppose it would be easier if I gave her her own key?

    Not Green – The vet is just for show.  If the paparazzi discovered who her real bloke is we would never get any peace..  He’s also handy for convincing Herself if she gets suspicious.

  4. Quote from :
    “Our research indicates that if she just opened her blouse another couple of buttons, thereby revealing some more tantalising glimpses of her firm, bountiful cleavage, or perhaps stood away from the desk in a skirt rising two inches above the knee with a high split, we might be able to cut the suicide rate in Ireland by about 30%,” said Dr. Gallagher, who was forced into early retirement by public service cuts.”
    That beats any other opinion poll about wrinkle creams!!!! Dy’e think she’d be interested in transferring to BBC news?

  5. Why not put a blonde wig and reading glasses on Sandy, then teach her to speak Irish?  It’s worth a try. 

  6. Not Green – Or a misprint?

    Cardi – I missed that one.  Cheeky bastards. And yiz can’t have her.  She’s mine, d’you hear?  She’s MINE!

    DD – That is one weird concept?  I don’t think Sandy would get the hang of the Irish though.

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