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  1. Indeed Grandad ..

    And, in case he should get partial to the local cuisine .. he could take that old dog Cafe Ashtray with him .. 😉

  2. Perhaps we could send Van Rompuy off to Korea with the Clockwork yoke shoved up his a—. A little reminder to him of what he was doing to us.

  3. I’ve a bone to to pick with the mother. If she had named me ‘Kim Jung O’Sullivan’ I’d have been in for a whale of a Friday night any time I was in Pyongyang. So much for women being smarter than men. Jayze.

  4. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke. What a year it’s been for the Bad Guys, eh?
    I know how they achieved that….
    There’s a fleet of dumper trucks filled with freshly cut onions off-camera, with large fans behind the trucks blowing the fumes into the crowds….
    This is pure horror, half of them are crying because they are totally fucking brainwashed, the other half because, well, would you dare not to cry over there? I’m not sure I would.
    A system such as that is never held by one man, and I have no illusions it will be ran by that fat kid they are showing around.

  5. I have just watched that video with the sound down.  D’you know, I swear they are all laughing hysterically.  Someone just dubbed the sound on after.

  6. The new Leader should hire somebody like Bertie or Biffo to handle speechmaking and public relations.

  7. A few of the Chinese went over to have a look last year,
    its like going back in time to China the 70’s and 80’s
    Once the new guy gets in power, its gonna to be like China
    starbucks, hooters, etc

    Interesting, their parents didn’t want to go,
    why on earth would we like to see that misery again.

  8. Jayzus Sean! Will you please put a health warning on links like that? That image is rather creepy.

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