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  1. if you don’t get her the batteries you may have to perform the task, now i ask you, are you truly up for it? 

  2. Cat – How can I possibly perform the task myself?  I’m not equipped.

    TT – Can do, but it goes flat if moved to another room.

    Haddock – I am getting an idea that people have somehow gotten the wrong end of the stick [as it were] here?

    Toper – That is a good idea, but supposing she wants to use it at night?

  3. In the case of a solar powered device, in order to make any solar powered installation reliable for ’round the clock use, a marine certified ‘gel cell’ is often employed in order that reliable power is sustained at night or during heavily clouded days. The initial cost can be expensive but having a steady source of electricity from solar powered installations more than pays for the cost in the long run. And the battery can be easily tucked under a piece of furniture, such as a chair or a bed. The battery will charged by the solar panels when the device is not in use.
    Can’t beat that with a stick now can ya’ ?

  4. Buy her  a Bible and tell her to ‘repent’. Its cheaper and you’ll have Sunday mornings to yourself as well. Its a win-win.

  5. While you are at home twiddling your thumbs why not get a few old shits together and send them to Kenny and his gang of robbers save them coming around and ripping it off your back.

  6. The first one I got for my “friend” was a single stroke petrol driven one. Had a cord on the starter like a lawn mower and as long as you kept a window wide open to let the smoke out and didn’t mind the noise the effect was wonderful. I remember one time she wanted to experiment and used it on me. I can feel myself flushing red from the… oh, I don’t know what ? Shame? Excitement?
    Many’s the good time we had during weekends away to the likes of Knock or Carrick on Suir or Tinahely. Those were the days.
    You’ve brought the memories flooding back, Grandad. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

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