In the mind of a flasher — 11 Comments

  1. Can you actually find it in the cold, GD?
    Put it away quick, ‘cos Herr Enda and Co. just might cut it off. They’re after the family jewels too.

  2. Two mean are taking a piss off the side of a bridge. One turns to the other and says, “Water’s cold today”. The other man turns toward his friend and replies, “Yeah, and deep too.”

    My new keyboard arrived yesterday. One of the rare white ones. I put it outside today in hopes it would turn blue…
    …but it didn’t.
    And it was cold today too.

    Just a bit of nonsense from the inane blogger.

  3. My girlfriend thinks that I’m a flasher, and a stalker.
    Well, she’s not exactly my girlfriend yet… 

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