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  1. I guess I’m a bit ODD.  My father did not spare the rod and I’m better for it.  He spared the rod with my other siblings.  They are not as humble as I. 
    I had a professor that proclaimed that his son has ADD, so he can keep him medicated.  Basically it dome down to one thing.  People are so self centred that if their kids take up the least bit of their time by being disobedient, they say they have an illness and put them on mind numbing medication so they won’t be an nuisance.  It only screws up the kids later in life.
    If my family would have sent me off to a “home” because I required extra attention, I wouldn’t be who I am today. 

  2. JD – The problem with modern society is that no one is prepared to take responsibility any more.  They expect the government to do everything for them, including their thinking.  Rather than take responsibility for a child it’s much easier to attach a label that relieves them of any need for parenting.  I just hate to think what society will be like when modern kids grow to have families of their own. 

  3. It makes no sense that on the one hand you say that parents suck at it these days and then on the other hand you say the gov’t should play no role.

  4. A Grandad – Nowt wrong with being ODD.  I have been accused of it myself a time or two.

    TT – What I am saying is that parents abdicate all responsibility to the state.  Why would they even try to act as parents when they look on the state and education system as responsible?  It’s the government’s role to provide backup, not the primary caring.

  5. It makes no sense. I raised my kids in the way I was raised. The result, apart from some hiccups and learning curves on the way, have results that really please me. I am proud of the people I helped produce for the world.
    Its when I look at the neighbours kids around, especially the ones who did nothing with the little shits, I realise, they were given the computer games the goodies the pocket-money in excess, the booze, the cars (bought or stolen), and the total freedom to do what they liked whenever.
    I see that I wasted my fucking energy, youth and time. 
    The shits begged borrowed and stole all they have, and in adulthood they get fucking everything from the social, gratis. They don’t appreciate it, think they are entitled and when they are in need they are the loudest, complaining disadvantaged backgrounds.
    I should have let my young ‘uns run riot, become Bankers and Developers. They would have been better off, instead of becoming honest hard working tax paying idiots like me.

  6. Slab – Likewise.  I raised our K8 the way I was raised to she has turned out very well, but don’t tell her I said that.

  7. People have been telling me I’m odd all my life. I’m rather proud of that to be truthful about it. Now the characteristics of this new ODD syndrome fit me to a tee so it only means one thing–I should be credited for it. Perhaps I should sue those who came up with this new malady for stealing my personality property?

  8. “They expect the government to do everything for them, including their thinking.  Rather than take responsibility for a child it’s much easier to attach a label that relieves them of any need for parenting.  I just hate to think what society will be like when modern kids grow to have families of their own” … 

    We’re seeing exactly that now Grandad .. where, in some parts of UK, 3 generations have never seen anyone actually get up, to go to work ..

    And governments just love it .. all part of the plan to “nationalise” children .. allow them to proclaim non-existent conditions & syndromes, keep ’em doped up to the eyeballs on NHS supplied drugs which will enable their easy manipulation & control by TPTB ..

    So long as these people are kept well fed on X-Factor, Big Brother, East Enders etc .. and so long as the dole money keeps rolling in .. and so long as many of them are virtually catatonic .. governments can do as they please, with little likelihood of resistance ..

    This situation hasn’t just happened by accident ..

  9. Any policeman/garda can fill you in on this ancient doublethink among parents- you can call parents to the station to pick up little Johnny and they’ll arrive outraged at the police without even knowing what little Johnny did. Then they’ll argue saying that their child must have been falsely accused and why don’t the police go after the ‘real’ criminals- ie everyone else but their little Johnny. Right up to the point where they are shown the CCTV pictures and then when they’ve run out of bluster road they’ll dissolve into tears of self-pity and self-embarrassment will make them threaten little Johnny. Same thing as parents demanding once they’ve had kids that the entire world change its ways, remove pornography from society, remove free speech in case little Johnny sees some bad words he doesn’t understand and embarrasses Mummy or Daddy by asking what they mean- cue outrage from parents who will not recognise that simply having a baby isn’t the end and that it is their job to build in the necessary education in their child’s mind to be able to deal with the world and not the world’s job to become safely infantilised for their little Johnny. You can see it in Ireland with such things as parents demanding the schools take full responsibility for grooming their child to be something they can be proud of because they are too tired after a long day to bother with the more important job- raising the child they spawned. The truth of it is that parents are determined that it is the job of government, schools, the social welfare system and the rest of the world in general to make something of their child of which they can be proud. There are plenty of good parents too who put raising their child well ahead of everything else but unfortunately they are now outnumbered by the Great Dumb.

  10. On the subject of mental illness there is plenty of that in Ireland. But kids very rarely are born with a mental illness and the great cop-out of medication that began in the United States with women in particular zonked on SSRI’s to get them through another day when the American Dream fails to materialise for them is now being passed down to the next generation and at a much earlier age. Your kid doesn’t resemble the bright beautiful and interesting little beings you see in The Waltons or Little House on The Prairie? Too tired, stupid or lazy to learn some behavioural therapy tricks from information widely available? Medicate the little fuckers so they lie there mouth half open and eyes dull and don’t interrupt your TV time. Why have I the right to say these things? Because I chose not to have kids and am still expected to pay to raise the little fuckers, am expected to chortle in amusement as the little fucker kicks a football around the pub and knocks drinks over in the pub where I just want a quiet corner and some peace. The kids are actually alright if given time to get exercise in the day so that they get tired in the evenings- its the parents who are fucked in the head.

  11. You’re joking aren’t you?
    There’s no way the Enid Blyton model is what goes these days. How many people do you know who let their kids wander off for days on end on boats to mysterious islands with hidden treasure. mToo much supervision these days.

    Or – am I talking rubbish – except instead of an island – it’s that alley behind the shops. Instead of lashings of ginger beer – just lashings. or glue. Or whatever it is these days.

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