The making of a rebel — 13 Comments

  1. It will indeed be interesting to see people’s reaction to this.
    I see that a few TD’s are already saying they are not going to pay up.
    Will we see elected representatives being dragged kicking and screaming from Leinster house?

    I shall continue to quake in my shoes here in Tunisia and see if they come out here after me.
    I doubt it.

  2. are ex-pats like myself who had to leave home also going to be taxed
    for trying to keep a solid link with home.

    The council don’t maintain our estate, we gotta pay ourselves,
    that I can accept, but a bankers tax for nothing, go to hell.
    To reuse the arrogant words of Dermot Ahern to a constituent. 
    “So sue me” 


  3. It’s just theft.

    I pay £260 per year for road tax. I wouldn’t mind so much but it sits at the airport car park for 6 or 7 months of each year while I avoid exotic diseases in Africa.
    I pay £150 per month council tax. They have just started switching off the street lights at night (Very clever, eh?), to save money. And I see the cops once a year at the village festival. That’s a lot of money for emptying my fucking bin twice a month.

    Once I’ve sorted out this court case I will start on the council. I don’t want to pay this money to them for fuck all. I’ll empty my own bin.
    I is on the warpath.

  4. Not only is it theft, but it’s theft with menaces.

    There are some exemptions such as corpo housing [Sorry! Non PC Hah! Local Authority Housing] and people who spend a significant time away from home on grounds of health [what the fuck??].  There is no mention of exemptions though if you’re living on the bread-line.


  5. Sometimes it IS a straw that breaks a camel’s back, this might be that straw. Remember the fishing rod licence a few moons back?

  6. I wonder is there an exemption for Irish properties owned by a trust in a tax haven such as the Cayman Islands? The one thing I know about Irish politicians is that there will be a route for the wealthy to avoid paying this tax. I’d recommend looking for it in the exemption details. I’ve often thought that if the majority of people in Ireland did exactly what the wealthy do to avoid tax and used offshoring of assets then the government would be stumped. There are plenty of wealthy people in Ireland who don’t pay tax at all via the use of the exemptions system and an accountant. Perhaps the rest of the country should be looking to do what the wealthy do to avoid such taxes. Selling your house to a trust in a tax haven for 1 euro to avoid capital gains tax and where the owners of the property are your children might be a good move- you could then rent the property for 1 euro a year from the trust so you wouldn’t be the official owner of the property and the taxman wouldn’t be able to see who the real owners are if the trust uses a nominee company in a haven where there is no disclosure rules.

  7. Church and religious houses are exempt from the charge.  Of course, it’s not expressed thus, they talk about houses owned by charity and voluntary groups.  I’m surprised no-one has picked up on this!

  8. There are in excess of 7,500 charities with tax free status in Ireland. There is no charity commissioner and no charity regulator despite an announcement of the setting up of such an office at least three years ago. The reason the establishment don’t want a charities regulator is because there is sponsored corruption in that area of Irish governance.

    For example the church and religious orders are of the few organisations in Ireland allowed to collect money direct from the public and never publishes accounts. This is a very unusual arrangement for charities in the western world. It is pretty much a given in most western countries that charities have to show how their spend what money they collect. Not in Ireland. Also there are indications that some ‘charities’ are not actually charities and are disguised lobbying organisations for wealthy landowners.

  9. I paid my House, Property (whatever they call it) Tax when I bought my house.
    A whopping 9% they called Stamp Duty, Cunts. Since then I have extended, modded, upgraded and replaced a load of stuff here and had the privilage of paying all associated taxes on that too.
    Next they want charge water tax and charge me for my septic tank.
    THEY CAN FUCK TO HELL OFF……what will Seanie be paying?

  10. Not Green – I have heard a few people suggesting that this could be the last straw.  There does seem to be a whiff of rebellion in the air.

    Con – That sounds sensible but a lot of hassle.  Maybe the only reason the wealthy can work the system is that they are the only ones who can afford accountants’ massive fees?

    Slab – Absolutely spot on.  Those are my sentiments exactly.  Maybe we should just forward all our house tax demands to Fitzpatrick, Fingleton & Co?

    JD – Jayzus will ya shut up!  Do you want to be giving them ideas?

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