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  1. But the “scum” to which you refer are nothing compared to the “experts scum” of the EU.
    Consider “Prunes are not a laxative EU rules”

    And “Drinking water cannot claim to it prevents dehydration”

    And these people are “experts” – I give up.

  2. Mossy – Don’t worry.  They are implicitly included firmly in the Scum area.  “Findings” that are so blatantly laughable that no one of any intelligence can possibly believe them.

  3. By the by, I always thought a Bosun was a person on a ship and a collider was a yoke with holes in it for straining water off vegies and stuffs.
    Am I missing something here ?

  4. Mossy – You are right about the Bosun.  I think his job is something to do with ropes, or maybe rum?  I always strain my vegetables using a shiv.

  5. I have allways understood the a specialist is someone knows more and more about less and less, until he knows everything about nothing

  6. We should switch off the gravity until they “fall” off the Earth. Do they have any proof that increasing the price of cigarettes will save Europe? I’d love to hear that one.

  7. A Grandad – The only thing that’s worse than a specialist who knows nothing and that is a specialist who thinks he’s an expert.

    Droogie – Good thinking!  Or else we could dump ’em in a Black Hole?  And ASH maintain that increasing tobacco prices reduces consumption.  We have the highest prices in Europe but do we have the lowest smoking rates?  Hah!

  8. Well if they prove this one, then we can collect all the carbon taxes and send them to God to fix our problems! QED

  9. I’m sure I recall a Bo’sun by the name of Higgs, y’know. Quare hawk- very quiet and you’d hardly notice him around the place except on pay day and at the first whiff of decent rum. Heard he went overboard in Portsmouth but sure don’t we all. Aye- a quare particular article he was alright.

  10. In fairness though they are spending the money looking for him I’d say. The equipment the lifeboatmen have these days is fairly spectacular alright but they’d be well advised to shift it to Portsmouth harbour or the Particular Articulator will surely run out of kerosene by Tuesday. Hope they find him soon anyway as the sister and the mother are down at the harbour wall every day this last couple of years waiting on news. Poor old Higgs. Sure he wasn’t the worst.

  11. I’ve written off the ten bob anyway even if the women haven’t. Skin a feckin’ flea for its hide. Still if  they’ve glimpsed Higgs there’ll surely be a corpse sooner or later and the women won’t feel quite so cheated. The do love a good funeral. Here’s me bus.

  12. Now we have two groups of scientists. The good ones who agree with GD and the scum who don’t. You excel yourself today old chap.

  13. There’s real science as Groandad says and then there is lobbying. The latter is a fairly new addition to the scientific process and requires very little real intelligence which means even Americans can do it. In fact they produce much of  it. The best so far was the lady doctor on US TV who invented the theory that people who smoke outside the home and then re-enter the home raise the risk of their children growing up to believe in Fox News substantially and then  dies horrible, painful deaths apparently. The fact that the good lady doctor is a putz and hasn’t noticed that processed American food kills more Americans than the Bush family has yet to dawn.

  14. Indeed there are two groups. 

    One group formulates a theory and runs exhaustive experiments to prove the theory.  If the experiments fail, the theory is scrapped and a new one formulated.

    The other group formulates a “fact” and then bends, twists and distorts the figures to fit that “fact”. 

  15. Indeed. The anit-smokers formulated their facts and then ran hundreds of pseudo scientific studies in order to select a handful that gave a 2 sigma signal (95%). A handful of such results is exactly what you would expect by chance.
    By contrast the real scientists at CERN already have 2 out of 2 studies both at around 2.8 sigma (99.8%) and quite rightly they are still being cautious.

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