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  1. Amusing post there GD. Gets me when they say “Get the ……. that you deserve.” Quiet out there today. Wonder what happened to Ramrod.

  2. An interesting place Tallaght – sorry I googled it now.  Only a matter of time before Dublin spreads as far South as Wicklow!! Think what that’ll do for the price of Guinness …  and all the extra advertising crap that’ll go with it.

  3. i’m a no body because i don’t have an i says the adverts…HA i say and HA again, great post there

  4. My personal favourite ads are the radio ones directed at the agricultural community. They nearly always start by shouting “FARMERS!” as though they have a serious hearing problem or are mentally defficient. Speaking of which, the other day I was amused to hear an ad for hearing aids on the old wireless!

  5. TT – Ramrod has departed these shores for pastures green.  I think it was when he realised I was not personally going to assassinate Obama?

    Cardi – Wicklow is relatively safe from Dubliners.  We have the Dublin and Wicklow mountains to thank for that.  Any potential land-grabbers are ambushed at the Glen O’ The Downs.  Tallaght is one of those places where even the Pit Bull Terriers go around in pairs.

    Cat – In that case I’m a nobody too.  I don’t have an iPhone, nor do I want one.  I haven’t a clue what 3G is and I don’t want to know.  I’m a nobody AND PROUD OF IT!

    Not Green – a while ago I wrote about those brilliant ads they used to have around the time of the Riordans.  Remember Sarcoptic Mange Mites, Hoose and Sucking Lice?  As a result I still get the odd search for Maverick Fertiliser.  Now those were advertisements!

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